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TOTAL LIBERATION A19-A21: Susan Parenti, Todd May & Leticia Nieto

Opening Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday A19
12 -2pm Susan Parenti on theater, feminism and
liberation at Lecture Hall One. Parenti is a
playwright and author of "The Politics of the
Adjective Political" and "I and my Mouth and Their
Irresistible Life in Language."
4-6pm Todd May on Poststructuralist Anarchism and Contingent Holism at Lecture Hall One. May is author of "Reconsidering Difference" and "the Political Theory of Poststructuralist Anarchism."
6:30pm Art in the Alley by Dumpster Values as part of ArtWalk featuring Women's Legal Alternative Collective (WLAC).

Saturday A20
2pm G8 Teach-in at Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) at Broadway and Pine Seatle with Special Guests the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).
4pm Reclaim the Streets Street Party / Action Against the World Bank / IMF & War on Terror; starts at SCCC
6pm Anti-Capitalist Convergence March Against the World Bank / IMF & War on Terror; permitted and non-permitted marches start at SCCC
*please visit  http://seattle.indymedia.org for the
latest updates on Seattle Police Department efforts to militarize the Capitol Hill neighborhood in response to grassroots attempts to challenge the neoliberal order.

Sunday A21
12 - 6pm All-Day Holistic Antioppression Workshop with Leticia Nieto at the Longhouse. This workshop is definately worth attending, it will completely alter how you understand the nature of both oppression and liberation. Nieto holds that almost everyone is both oppressed and an oppressor in one way or another: most people carry multiple identities simultaneously and
can't usually be easily categorized as "just" an
oppressor or "just" oppressed. Learn about the true value of women and people of color-only spaces and the difference and similarity between common understandings and misunderstandings of subjects such as "seperatism", cross-cultural solidarity and group and individual autonomy. If you never made it to one of her famous workshops before, now is your chance for some real enlightenment, don't miss out.

homepage: homepage: http://www.olynetwork.org/totalliberation

In Olympia at Evergreen 14.Apr.2002 18:55


Oops forgot to say its at Evergreen State College in Olympia.