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What the Arabs knew in advance about 9-11

The complete story (so far) of what the Arab world knew in advance about 9-11. Part of an ongoing and breaking news story which destroys the "official" line about what happened September 11.
What the Arabs knew before 9-11
2002 by Jim Moore, from the forthcoming book "Big Oil - Big War: The true story of September 11, 2001 and the 'War on Terror' - Writer's Club Press: San Jose, New York, Lincoln, Shanghai.
Without a doubt, several people seemed to have advance knowledge of what was going to happen the morning of 9-11, including some who were supposed to have been quite isolated from the rest pf the world.
RFK Assassin Knew of Attacks?
Prison guards in California say that a week before the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Sirhan Sirhan [a Syrian], who is receiving lifetime room and board at taxpayer expense for the 1968 assassination of presidential candidate Sen. Robert Kennedy, shaved his head. And for the first time he asked for a television, United Press International reported today. (NewsMax.com - 12 October 2001)
Osama's niece warned to leave New York?
A niece of Osama bin Laden received a warning a few weeks before the attack.
"Wealthy 26-year-old party girl Wafah bin Laden lived in the lap of luxury, renting a huge $6,000-a-month loft in lower Manhattan that a picture post-card view of the Twin Towers," the National Enquirer reported Oct. 7, 2001. When the tabloid tried to reach her for an interview, she wasn't to be found. A house-sitting friend explained, "Wafah's in Europe, adding a cryptic comment: "It makes you wonder whether [Wafah] had any advance word of what was coming down."
"In the weeks before, she was busy cutting a record at her own expense at a Manhattan recording studio. While she's a college student in New York, she is eager to be a pop star." The friend said Wafah had spent "an outrageous amount of money" trying to get her record produced, but just as she seemed on the verge of accomplishing her goal, she fled the city.
"She left a few weeks before [the attacks]. Going to Switzerland," another source reported.
Bin Laden to his mother: 'big news' is coming
Just two days before the attack, Osama bin Laden phoned his mother (stepmother?) Al-Kalifa bin Laden in Syria and told her "big news" was coming.
"In two days you're going to hear big news, and you're not going to hear from me for awhile," according to NBC News, who apparently got a transcript of the call indirectly from the Office of National Reconnaissance or the National Security Agency. Both agencies routinely monitor trans-Atlantic calls, constantly on the lookout for terrorist clues. Al-Kalifa was one of the late Shiek Mohammed bin Laden's four wives and is said to have adopted Osama after his birth to a woman from Syria or Palestine who was rejected by the family. She is also believed to have been at the wedding of Osama's son earlier last year in Afghanistan. (NewsMax.com - 2 Oct. 2001 and 7 Oct. 2001)
NY Muslims told to stay away from lower Manhattan
But the FBI was also investigating evidence that several Middle Easterners in the New York area were specifically warned to stay out of lower Manhattan the morning of September 11, according to the New York Daily News (Oct. 12, 2001).
Several members of the Bronx mosque did admit to the FBI they had been a vague warning to stay out of lower Manhattan that morning, but the mosque's leadership denied any prior knowledge, and so investigators hit another dead end.
A police source said, "They ran into a dead end, and whoever may have given the warning denied it."
Agents with the FBI's Joint Terrorist Task Force began interviewing school officials in Jersey City and Brooklyn and questioned members of a Bronx mosque about the warnings, the Daily News reported. This was confirmed by James Margolin, a spokesman for the FBI's New York office.
"Among the e-mails and tips we received are a number of reports of people overhearing people boasting about or warning about coming attacks," he said.
NJ student: 'WTC won't be there a week from now'
Jersey City school administrators confirmed that several days before the attack, a student of Middle Eastern descent issued a vague warning not to travel into lower Manhattan the morning of Sept. 11.
Joanne Kenny, associate superintendent of the Jersey City public schools, said "Crisis staff determined that comments made or notes written were serious enough so we called the juvenile bureau of the Jersey City police and they followed up."
At Brooklyn's New Utrecht High School, the FBI was told a Pakistani student in a bilingual class "made a comment to a teacher the week prior about the twin towers," said Karen Finney, spokeswoman for the Board of Education. She would not reveal the nature of the comment, but the Westchester Journal-News said the student pointed at the tower during a heated political argument and declared, "Look at those two buildings. They won't be here next week."
All of these cases have simply dropped off the radar and, for all practical purposes in this Newspeak age, have ceased to exist. One cannot help but believe the plot was known to more than just the 19 hijackers and their handlers, but the stories involve both Jews and Arabs, so any implications of guilt based strictly on those stories alone simply cancel each other out. It was also known to many others as well, in Soviet, France and American military and intelligence circles.

the American Indians Knew in advance 15.Apr.2002 00:54

Jaime Morro

This is pure BS and Zionazi propaganda.