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Beth O'Brien

this picture was taken at Food Not Bombs in Santa Rosa CA last year, Beth is in the center playing banjo
Beth O'Brien
Beth O'Brien
missed, remembered, lets us work for a cause 18.Apr.2002 10:36

Speaker to animals eyesyawn1@hotmail.com

I found myself through circimstances beyond my control in portland to help with the wake.
the days leading up to the wake were full of music, sobs, tears, laughter, hugs/kissing,
and so much more.
we need to remember.
we need to understand.
we need to let her work
and memory guide us all.
we need to fight and love
and live and win.

My heart goes out to you 20.Apr.2002 17:38

Chyld ysab@efn.org

I am deeply grieved by Horehounds unfortunate occurance. Will plant an herb garden in your name. I feel lucky that I never witnessed anything like that at Red Cloud Thunder. We love you! From: Yellow Sun