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URGENT REQUEST - "Bush 9-11 Complicity Poll" at Atlanta Constitution

PLEASE HURRY BEFORE THE POLL CLOSES! VOTE ONLINE! Vote in the Atlanta Constitution's poll on "Bush 9-11 Complicity."
PLEASE get this out through your networks and URGE ALL to visit the Atlanta Constitution site below and vote in the poll to demand a Congressional inquiry into 9-11. Urge all you send it to to get it out to their networks BEFORE the poll closes.

VOTE HERE:  http://www.accessatlanta.com/ajc/news/0402/12mckinney.html

the poll is now at 49% believing in complicity. Get there now before the poll is over.
Rep. McKinney 14.Apr.2002 09:54

John Doe

Rep. McKinney's remarks were welcome to me; however, rather than perceiving them as being irresponsible or playing to her constituency, I think she seriously understated the gravity of the situation.

There is overwhelming evidence to support her claim.

There is overwhelming evidence to support the claim she was not willing to make--that members of the present administration and corporate elite not only knew about 9-11 days before it happened, but that they sold stocks to increase their profits from it. This is separate from the massive amount of money they are making from the defense build-up after 9-11.

There is also evidence Israel was in on the plan. I believe the present inhuman invasion of the Occupied Territories, and the slaughter of Palestinians and dismantling of their infrastructure--both physical and political--was part of the overall plan.

Additionally, and god help any congress person who tackles this one, our major problem is the manner in which the Jewish lobby has taken over the media in this country, controls the congress, and has even infiltrated our government at the highest level. Reportedly, several of Bush's cabinet and/or staff members hold citizenship in Israel. If this is true, not only is he guilty of treason, he is also guilty of sedition. How this tiny country can be allowed to determine American foreign policy is beyond me. And why we do not require them to comply with nuclear proliferation treaties the same as everyone else, is also hard to fathom. They are the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons and yet we do nothing. They invade another country and yet we do nothing. They assassinate whomever they wish, and yet we do nothing.

I fear Rep. McKinney will be tarred and feathered for her questioning the powers that be. And without nationwide outrage at the amount of power the Jewish lobby wields, her career will be over.

I know this sounds paranoid and anti-Semitic as hell. But sadly I believe it is true. And the narrowmindedness of the Jewish lobby will be the death of us all.