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Tragedy at Eagle Creek

A treesitter has died at Eagle Creek. There will be a press conference at 3pm today, and a Candlelight Vigil in Beth's memory is scheduled for Mt. Tabor City Park tomorrow, Sunday at sunset.
Press Conference at 3pm
Response to the Tragedy at Eagle Creek

Last night 22 year old Beth O'Brien died in a fall from a tree sit at Eagle Creek. We are a community shocked and saddened by Beth's tragic death.

Years of community efforts, heralded by direct action, have protected the Eagle Creek area thus far. Beth's death came as we were preparing to take down the tree sits upon receipt of a signed legally binding contract canceling the sales. This document is expected to be signed by the Bush Administration early next week.

Tree-sitting is a risk taken to protect our remaining native forest from destruction. It is a tragedy that such risks must be taken. While we recognize the dangers inherent in tree-sitting, we take safety seriously. Tree-sitters and tree-climbing trainers are taught the best safety available and constantly stress the importance of conveying safety protocols to others. This tragic accident results because communities must risk their lives to protect their land.

The timeline of events leading to the accident are as follows. For two hours Beth and two companions snow shoed into the area with supplies. At 7pm, after climbing to a height of 150 feet Beth fell from a rope ladder between platforms. She did not use a safety connection that was available. She survived the impact. Emergency services were called by cell phone immediately. First responders did not arrive on the scene until two and-one-half hours later. She was pronounced dead upon examination.

We view Beth's death in a tradition of courageous action to defend life that extends through decades of non-violent protest in the US and abroad.

A candlelight vigil in Beth's memory is scheduled for Mt. Tabor City Park tomorrow, Sunday at sunset.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org
phone: phone: 503-241-4879
address: address: PO Box 4946, Portland OR 97208

Memories 14.Apr.2002 02:19

Ben Saari laidoff@sonic.net

I first met Beth in the early 90's, she was getting involved in a community group (Independent Arts Coalition) that I was leaving. At one point she pulled me aside to assure me that the project (we were trying to open an all ages community space) was in good hands, that made it easier for me to walk away. The center never opened, but many valuable lessons were learned (about transparency, trust, democracy/consensus, drug use). Beth took her energy on to Women's Justice work with the Purple Berets, got a (continuing) Food Not Bombs off the ground, taught herself a whole string of instruments, traveled a bunch. I never got close to her and can't say I knew her well, she always had her fingers in something, and was quick to smile. I last saw her 3 weeks ago at the Food Not Bombs serving in Santa Rosa, she was excited to get on to Eagle Creek.

Beth is the one playing banjo in the picture

P.O. Box 2954, Petaluma CA 94952

im a chicken shit 18.Apr.2002 12:08

pthree pthree@diversionmary.com

i went to HS with beth. she made movies. put barrettes in my hair. one time she told me i couldnt sing. the funeral is going on in about 52mins... the service is being held about 3 block from my house. if i go outside and stand in the middle of the street i can see the cemetary. i havent talked to her in a few years. what am i doing with my life? nothing as noble as saing a tree. im not an activist. nothing activates me such as beth was.

Bethy 18.Apr.2002 15:47

Erin B. agent.red.fox@angelfire.com

Bethy was one of my best friends in Junior High School and after, even though we didn't go to the same school. We fell out of touch about 2 years ago and I have been missing her ever since. We used to make movies and sit around reading books and listening to music together. She published her own 'Zine, and was a gret poet and a really sweet person. If anyone can tell me any details as to funeral/cemetary/her family, etc...I'd really appreciate it. I still have all the notes and letters that she wrote to me and I am going to put together a book of them and the letters I wrote to her and any issues of her 'Zine I can find.....if anyone has something to contribute....please e-mail Erin at  agent.red.fox@angelfire.com and any other friends of hers from Santa Rosa and Petaluma etc, please feel free to e-mail and reminice.