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Coups now OK by US, lets have one here

Since its now ok for elected officials to be suddenly removed lets have one here. Starting with our own dictators of course.
"The Bush administration yesterday blamed former Venezuelan president
Hugo Chavez for the events that led to his forced resignation and arrest,
calling his toppling by the nation's military a "change of government"
rather than a coup. Officials said Chavez's departure was the will of
Venezuela's people."
Bush needs to be toppled 13.Apr.2002 12:31


Bush needs to be toppled

It is time to revolt!!!!!!!!

It won't happen while we feel separate 13.Apr.2002 15:06


There will be revolution and no uprising in America
until we no longer feel separated...
The working class must stop hating the poor..
Poor women with children must know that they are about to be forced to marry in order to have a place to live and food and safety...
People in the US must turn off their TV's and wake up!
People who feel persecuted must know that it is the system that is rotten and causing the problems not thier neighbors, or gays, or people of color, or women or street people, or homeless...
When will that happen...when enough people have fallen to the bottom..not until then.

Nothing New 27.Nov.2003 17:54

Rex rbarrios@apk.net

Well, doesn't surprise me knowing how Bush won the Elections, Beware Americans Bush is taking away your democracy and leading the movement towards the hatred of America by the whole wide World.

I would know, all I do is read about him and about his policies againts all what americans stand for, you have the power to educate yourself and do something about it.
Michael Moore at the Oscar Ceremony after winning for Bowling for Columbine
Michael Moore at the Oscar Ceremony after winning for Bowling for Columbine