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Seattle SPD warns that Portlands RTS group may cause property damage on A20.

The seattle police said a PORTLAND group called "reclaim the streets" and "ACC" may cause property damage. The groups website links them to anarchists.

Reported yesterday on KING 5 TV.

SEATTLE - Seattle police are warning businesses on Seattle's Capitol Hill about the possibility of vandalism happening on Saturday, April 20.
On that day a faculty teach-in and student rally and protest march are scheduled at Seattle Central Community College. Seattle Police warn that a radical group is going to make trouble, and that's why police will be restricting parking around the college and asking businesses to close for the day. KING 5 News- The posters have been up for weeks. The Seattle Central Campus is known for its liberal political thought and action, but police are worried about what's coming. The posters have been up for weeks which reading "April 20 - a faculty-teach-in, a reclaim the streets party with live music, a protest and march." The actions are in conjunction with meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary fund in Washington, D.C. Police said a Portland group called "Reclaim the Streets" and "ACC" may cause property damage. The group's web site links them to anarchists. "I'm not concerned that the rally participants are going to start trouble," said Karen Strickland. Strickland heads the faculty union and was hoping to take part in the activities. She said her biggest concern, based on what she saw during the WTO protests, is the police. "Given the history of the police responses to public gatherings like this," said Strickland. "I'm somewhat concerned that they may react in a way that instigates or escalates the situation." Seattle police said they will restrict parking around the college and they will ask businesses to shut down on April 20. Seattle Central Community College will close its doors that day. "I don't want our students or faculty or guests to be exposed to any type of disruption," said Dr. Charles Mitchell, college president.
Mitchell said he will allow the teach-in and rally to happen on the campus grounds, but the building and the parking lot will be closed. Seattle police declined to speak on camera about their concerns over the upcoming activities on campus.
Dumb cops 13.Apr.2002 11:09

crazy anarchist troublemaker


god they are dumb. One day the anarchist from portland/eugene excuse will wear thin, hopefully soon.

Segregate the Troublemakers 13.Apr.2002 21:37


The last time the Seattle police went on the rampage in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, on N30, they attacked, beat, pepper-sprayed, gassed a lot of random shoppers, students, residents - all kinds of people who had nothing to do with the anti-WTO protests that day. This woke up a lot of middle-class white people to the true nature of the police (Thanks guys!).

The subsequent firestorm of protest cost the Seattle Police Chief, Norm Stamper, and eventually the Mayor, their jobs. The Seattle Police do not want a repetition of those events.

Their solution? They are going to respect the civil rights of the demonstrators and refrain from using violence to repress political dissent.

Hahahahahahaha!!! Whew! Sorry, just kidding!

Nope, they are going to spread lies about "reports" (betcha they're not disclosing their sources) about the plans of "outside agitators" (from Portland and EUGENE - Oh, NO!) to damage property at the A20 demonstration in order to frighten people into closing down the schools and shops that might draw non-dissenting people into the area.

So, when the day arrives, the police can beat, gas, and arrest everyone in site without worrying that they might be creating more radicals and causing a backlash against themselves. Clearly anyone on the street in Capitol Hill next Saturday will either be an activist Commi . . .er, "terrorist" or someone who doesn't believe the bullshit on TV. Either way, they clearly deserve a beating.

Great plan, guys! Yup, you geniuses clearly have this one figured out. But just in case, the Mayor and Police Chief should polish-up their resume's, and the City Council might want to ready a 2 or 3 cent increase in the sales tax to pay for all the damage awards that the City of Seattle is going to pay out after they lose some more lawsuits for Federal Civil Rights violations.

First N30, then SAFECO Field, now this. I wonder if the people of Seattle are getting tired of footing the bill for rich men's games?