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Propaganda on NPR today about Venezuala

In voices dripping with reprobation and glee, pundits on NPR today praised the loss of another democracy and degraded Hugo Chavez . Of course no one else was interviewed..
I just had to say how disgusted I am with the coverage on this evenings NPR regarding the coup in Venezuala. The pundits were definitely praising yet another loss of a democracy (isnt this what we as a country are supposed to be fighting for?). With caustic terms commentators described the former former president as worthless and, while he was a popular leader, he talked constantly to the poorer classes of latin america, railing against the "cultural and economic elites" who had robbed the country blind. Of course no other viewpoint was offered.
The terrible last bit had to do with how there was a large party within the grounds of a major oil company, celebrating the fall of this president.
They described the newly installed "president" (former head of oil company) as a "moderate", giving him much praise.
NPR part of the problem 12.Apr.2002 21:41

indy activist

NPR is definitely part of the problem when it comes to the media and propaganda. I think it's out there to help keep in line the people who consider themselves left of center. But it is often full of lies. Thanks for posting this one.

NPR 12.Apr.2002 22:28


NPR is like coming to the table for a feast, and getting the scraps - Sometimes you get a tasty morsel, but otherwise it is not very satisfying.

In a country of people trained to be dogs and be happy with its masters scraps, NPR seems just fine

For the person hungry for a real meal, it just wont do.

!TRUTH! you speak it. 13.Apr.2002 15:30


I couldn't agree more!

FYI - it's the CIA, surprise surprise 14.Apr.2002 02:10


the current president of NPR is an "ex"-CIA agent - that goes a long way in explaining why public radio is now National Pentagon Radio.