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Car Pooling to Seattle?

just wondering if there is a way set up to get rides yet?
A couple days ago some people posted about rides up to seattle and how they were going to have a phone number to call. did this happen? I haven't seen anything more on the imc. I need to know if I should buy a bus ticket?

also does anyone know if housing is still available in Seattle? I've sort of been following all the new crazy developments and with so many people going is there still housing? who is offering it? I know one of the posters said housing was available, but I didn't write down the email. I'd prefer not to email all groups with stuff going on. thanx.

Sorry 12.Apr.2002 21:15


Sorry about that, I got distracted. I will work on carpooling now, look on the newswire in about 15 minutes for a post about how to get into carpooling.