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The Brave New World of Tomorrow - After 9-11

And so, the US stands with one leg in the Americas, the other in Europe, astride the Atlantic Ocean as it reacts, and often manipulates the occasional local flare-ups. At the moment there is no power on earth that can challenge the US, economically or militarily. So why aren't we satisfied for God's sake? Why do we keep demanding more and more and more? Is there no limit to our insatiable demand for power and domination?
The Brave New World of Tomorrow
2002 by Jim Moore, from the forthcoming book "Big Oil - Big War: The true story of September 11, 2001 and the 'War on Terror' - Writer's Club Press: San Jose, New York, Lincoln, Shanghai.
And so, the US stands with one leg in the Americas, the other in Europe, astride the Atlantic Ocean as it reacts, and often manipulates the occasional local flare-ups. At the moment there is no power on earth that can challenge the US, economically or militarily. So why aren't we satisfied for God's sake? Why do we keep demanding more and more and more? Is there no limit to our insatiable demand for power and domination?
Well, to be honest, there are a few places where we don't seem to be in such total control of the planet - Asia and the Pacific Rim. Oh, sure, there are a few minor annoyances in South America such as Venezuela, which keeps clamoring for higher OPEC oil prices "to teach the US a lesson," but we have private corporate mercenaries down there to take care of things. After all, Salvador Allende was never much of a problem, was he? We know how to handle people like him, the Contras, Manuel Noriega and so on. But the truth is - the whole world must be made safe for capitalism. We're on a roll. Why should we stop now? The whole world needs to be under the iron thumb of the Enrons, the Standard Oils, the Halliburtons and those magnificent wonders of American capitalism. These poor, ignorant natives have no idea what they're missing! We have corporate plans to control the food and water and energy supplies of the whole planet. We must make sure there is no competition - no, not even the thought of competition or self-determination. If you thought competition was the basis of capitalism, you must have been sleeping in economics class. True capitalism, in all of its glorious splendor, is nothing but a monopoly. Haven't you ever noticed how gas prices go up simultaneously, literally within minutes of each other, all across America? Now that, my friend, is true capitalist power.
That is the dynamic which gave Bill Clinton his eight years of unprecedented economic growth - and don't think George W. Bush won't do all he can to keep the fires burning. Whereas in the past, US policy was bent on creating a global set of political regimes tuned to American strengths and interests, the "new paradigm" is to create a global set of economic regimes tuned to US interests (read corporate interests). It is no wonder that so many UN delegates from the world's smaller nations are dismayed to find that in virtually every meeting and sub-meeting, the political representation is overwhelmed by the corporate representation. They are just backward savages who haven't yet learned how the Great Game is played. They will either learn, and play by our rules, or they will be replaced by someone who will.
Asia and the Pacific Rim is the last great unexplored, uncontrolled frontier of the New World Order. Everyone else has been conquered. Sure, the old method of controlling our allies has been made obsolete by the fall of the Soviet Union. But we haven't been planning this New World economy so many years for nothing. Europe and some of the others may have thought that with Russia toothless and no longer a threat, they could stand on their own two feet and challenge our corporate dominance. Wherever they have tried - wherever they have tried - we have had to set them straight. A little war here. A little George Soros there. The economy goes boom - and they're right back where they started, begging for us to save them, to loan them money at exorbitant interest rates they, and we, know they'll never be able to repay. But then, that isn't the goal, is it? We already control the world's money and we have all we need. If not, we just print more. Since each US bill we print, whether it's a dollar bill or a thousand-dollar bill, costs us just 3-5 cents, we'll never run out of money. And we've forced all of the industrialized nations to set up their own central banks - also under our control - so why would we worry about money. We'll just smile and forgive those Third World debts - on one condition. They sell us their very souls. Their natural resources go into our vaults. Their populations become our slave labor. That is what we truly seek. After all, forgiveness of those loans cost us nothing - the stupid taxpayers foot the bill and guarantee that we get paid anyway.
For a long time, the United States was our toughest challenge, for they are a stubborn and proud people, thinking themselves free and independent. On September 11, 2001 we were able to change all of that in one swift swoop. We counted on the news media and it didn't let us down. By attacking early in the morning, we brought Americans to a standstill as they stood thunderstruck watching the horror over and over on CNN. As a military exercise, it was simple - and cheap, too. Its effectiveness was in the replayed sight of those thousands of pitiful serfs throwing themselves from a burning building. It's true, you Americans will never be the same.
In the days since, we have moved swiftly to destroy your puny Bill of Rights, your trust in one another, your false sense of safety and security, your freedoms of speech and association, your hopelessly outdated Constitution. Get with the program, you live in the Brave New World. Did you know you can even be banned from the airlines now if you carry a book we don't like? If not, you soon will.
We have taken the best that Hitler had to offer, and we've refined it. We are the same ones who have foisted upon you the slaughter of your unborn. We've made you think it was your own idea when you've never had an original thought in your head your whole lives. Besides, why do we want to over-populate the planet? We'd just have to feed more of your worthless non-productive mouths. The fewer of you there are, the easier you are to control.
We've given you gun laws to ensure you won't be able to fight back. And, yes, we modeled the 1968 gun laws on Hitler's own, word for word. We control the technology of weaponry and we control those who use it. That's why we developed non-lethal weapons. We would rather have you slaving away at two or three dead-end jobs than have to pay your burial costs.
We've given you the best that genetic engineering has to offer - so we can breed a whole new race of human beings, superior in output and productivity, healthy but stupid enough to follow our orders as you have been doing now for decades longer than you ever imagined.
We've given you the best politicians money can buy. Remember, money is no object to us. It is they who think for you, since you are too stupid by far to think for yourself. And of course, it is we who do their thinking for them. Do you really think we'd trust the politicians we created? We know them better than they know themselves.
We've given you bread and circuses, television and newspapers that entertain but do not inform. We know you'd rather look at a Katie Couric than listen to a dull old Walter Cronkite. That's the way we made you. Our whjole brainwashing - er excuse me, behavior modification program was designed to, in the words of one of your own former CIA Directors (Richard Helms) "mold human behavior in a manner consonant with national plans." That's what he told the Warren Commission (which we also controlled), but then, that never reached you pitiful peasants with your pitchforks.
We've given you a new, sanitized mush of religion that, by saying everything's okay, says nothing. But at least it makes you feel good - good and pious. We've given you your pedophile priests and your homosexual preachers and your whoremonger evangelists. Just another part of our feel-good bread and circuses.
We've given you your political correctness - again, so you'll never have to bother your stupid little shriveled-up brains with an original thought or concept. Everything is the same, all people are gods, and every perversity is just another diversity.
We've given you your schools to train you to be the perfect automatons, thrilled to have a job, any job, several jobs, in our factories and our sweatshops. We've made sure those schools are devoid of any evil, nationalistic thoughts that might make you think you are a unique human being, or that you owe any allegiance (what a decadent word!) to America or any other country in which you might live. Remember, these are not your countries - they are our markets - and you are both the laborers and the consumers, nothing more.
We've given you your modern marvels of medicine, based on drugs (which are based on oil, which keeps our pumps spitting up even more money into our pockets) and based on surgery. Soon, your so-called "natural" remedies will be a thing of the past, either under our control - like your very food and water - or outlawed altogether. We're even working on ways to control your air and make a profit from that, too. After all, it's the bottom line that counts - and nothing else.
And to keep you sufficiently de-clawed, we've given you those "other" drugs (LSD, crack cocaine, heroin, meth and more) so you can simply take a break, turn on, tune in and drop out. But don't forget to be back at work Monday morning, ready to raise your productivity another percentage point. Faster, faster, faster. Harder, harder, harder. After all, you're expendable. When you fall by the wayside and can do no more, we'll simply roll your carcass out of the way and replace you with another fresh, smiling, healthy body.
And what happens if you decide you don't like this utopian future of non-accountability and non-decision we've provided you? Remember, we'll know. We already know more about you than you do, and we have you under constant surveillance. You can run but you can't hide.
Besides, who do you think created all of your laws? Remember those "best that money can buy" politicians we created? Oh, and did I forget to mention the judges? We have enough laws we can make anyone a criminal for the simplest of reasons and put you away for life or, better yet, make you simply disappear within one of our corporate prisons if you really refuse to be re-indoctrinated into socially-acceptable modes of behavior. Even there we may decide to keep you alive, because we can pay you less than we'd have to as a "free" citizen - and we have to feed you virtually nothing at all.
Welcome to the New World Order. We think you'll find it simply marvelous! If not, get used to it. You no longer have a choice. What we've just allowed you to read about our agenda and how we've accomplished much of in the 1990s is now ancient history ... so 20th Century as you say. And since you know realize where you stand as an individual, and since you realize - quite wisely, I might add - that there's not a damned thing you can do about it, we can afford to let you know what we did on September 11, 2001 and what we are doing in South Central Asia and beyond. No, I regret to say, this isn't your father's future - and if you don't knuckle under, it won't be yours either.

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want to sell some books?? 13.Apr.2002 22:33

Karn E. Valbarker

Unfortunately I was drawn to read both postings from this author and found what I read to be frothy and empty....... all inflammatory with no substance or references to back up claims. While lots of what he asserts might be true, I think he just wants to sell some books and is obviously using indy-media as a commercial tool........... Unsatisfying posts... blech!!!!!