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9.11 investigation

Big Oil - Big War: An Introduction to the True Story of 9-11

There were five distinct components to the agenda that included the World Trade Center attack and the war on Afghanistan. Oil was only a part of it.
2002 by Jim Moore, from the forthcoming book "Big Oil - Big War: The true story of September 11, 2001 and the 'War on Terror' - Writer's Club Press: San Jose, New York, Lincoln, Shanghai.
The world did indeed change on September 11, 2001 - in ways we have yet to comprehend. I, like so many millions of others, was shocked to tears at the sight of my fellow human beings plunging from the windows of the World Trade Center that crisp autumn morning, preferring to die that way rather than burn to death.
And like so many others, I was outraged at the inhumanity of what I stood watching on a neighbor's television screen after she called me, her voice shaking. I wanted those responsible to die a death every bit as horrible as those I was witnessing.
But in the months that followed, I discovered that things were not as they seemed. That September morning launched us on a global frenzy of adventurism that is far from over. Those acts of September 11 were expected by the U.S. government for many months, possibly even years, and may have actually been aided and abetted by our government. Certainly, there is evidence that some high-level government officials may have even profited from that tragedy, to the tune of millions of dollars made in short-selling the stocks of very specific companies most affected.
Over many years as a journalist, political consultant and scientist of sorts, I have developed some unique sources both in and out of the intelligence and other communities. I plied those sources heavily for the truth - or "truths" for there indeed are many. What is elusive is Truth itself, and for that we must turn to a source higher than any found on earth.
The so-called "War on Terrorism" was and is a hoax. To understand its beginnings, one has to go back in time - to Yugoslavia, to Waco, to Iraq and even beyond.
This war we now find ourselves in around the world has five purposes:
1. to de-stabilize and Balkanize Russia and, if possible, China
2. to gain control over the opium/heroin resources of Afghanistan and its pipelines to the "civilized" world
3. to expand the corporate interests of global oil companies in South Central Asia
4. to further entrench what George Bush the Elder frequently referred to in his speeches as "a New World Order", and finally
5. to crush any possible dissent or opposition to that New World Order by imposing a draconian police state in which the U.S. Constitution is shredded without the need (for now at least) to openly declare martial law.
Six months ago I myself would have laughed at such a statement. No more. Not that I was unaware of many of those individual agendas or components, but I had never before seen how well and tightly they bonded one to the other as part of the comprehensive over-all scheme. Even now, as the evidence continues to accumulate, I find myself hoping I am mistaken, that it is all an illusion, a paranoid fantasy, a "bad trip" on that drug called reality. Alas, I am afraid it is not so.
The evidence has long been there before us, for all to see, were we not so blind with our patriotic fervor. Evidence, mind you, is not in and of itself "proof." But this mountain of evidence is so huge and so convincing that it leaves little room for doubt. People have been convicted of murder and executed for far, far less evidence than you will find in these pages - and lack of space compels me to condense so much of it, leaving out so much more.
This is not, as it may at first appearance seem to some, merely another Bush-bashing. The sexual crimes of William Jefferson Clinton - which include forcible and repeated violent rape - pale in comparison to his acts of treason. There are some who believe there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the agendas of the Republican and Democrat parties. The evidence collected here would seem to confirm that. Those truly in charge worship a higher (lower?) god. They are above mere political parties, or even nations, whom they use freely as pawns in a cosmic game of life and death for us all.
Diehard Republicans will be aghast at some of the charges against Republican administrations, including the one now in power. Likewise, diehard Democrats will look upon this as "just another right-wing conspiracy attack on poor Bill Clinton." It is a work I anticipate will make no one happy, yet I believe that is precisely what lends it its legitimacy.
Nor is this in any way a defense of Osama bin Laden and the slime like him, which found their way out from under some medieval rock in some God-forsaken place few of us will hopefully ever know. Indeed, there is slime among our own ranks as well.
Instead, this is a wake-up call, a voice crying out in the wilderness - a voice that shall most likely be ignored by too many until it is too late. It has been a race to get this book written, documented and published before the first anniversary of September 11, 2001. As you will see, there is a very specific reason having not to do with sentimentality or grief, but with a clear warning of what is about to fall upon us, most likely in September 2002.
Let those who have ears hear, and those who have eyes see. We have turned deaf ears and blind eyes for far too long to the suffering of those across our oceans and seas, content to gaze in detached curiosity as we eat our evening meal or munch our micro-waved popcorn. We have become accustomed to our own blessings and creature comforts, and so we find it impossible to relate to the inhumanity we see on our television screens. We have been content to turn inward as a nation, amusing ourselves solely with our high tech toys and our own sense of infallibility and invulnerability. The nation's news media had all but eliminated foreign news coverage, because we preferred "Survivor" and "Sex in the City," We preferred our own brand of virtual reality - or is it real virtuality?
September 11 changed that - and it is about to change much, much more than you can ever know at this moment.

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