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globalisation and middle east conflict

Tracing the roots of global conflict to globalisation and greed
The conflicts in the middle east (and elsewhere) boils down to one thing; corporations and their greed for dirt cheap raw products. Take palestine, Jews and Moslems have lived in peace for many centuries until the creation of Israel to serve as a military base for USA, it wasn't enough to colonise the middle east (and it remains colonised by USA and UK to this day) but a heavily armed nuclear threat had to be created in the heart of the region. Jewish settlers were lied to and still are lied to, to this very day of the real purpose of Israel. It had nothing to do with creating a safe homeland but everything to do with creating a powerful military base for the west to keep control of the middle east. Oil is the source of most things in our lives today, from fuel to plastics and even pharmaceutical products are derived from crude oil. The fact that the entire middle east has been (Neo) colonised by the west through installing despotic corrupt regimes whose loyalty lies to their masters (the west) and not to its own people. Our corporate media does a admirable job of manipulation and deceit, in distancing itself from their own despotic regimes and demonising the regions people. All this so our corporations can produce cheap consumer products and sell them onto us at a huge profit. Its time we woke up and realised the only way to live with a conscience and integrity is through a mass boycott of all corporations, to reintroduce small independent business. Family grocers, family butchers. Time we dramatically reduced our dependence on plastics and sourced alternatives to fossil fuel cars. Boycott Safeway's, Tesco's and sainsbury's et al today and lets steer this world towards peace
Download the boycot list from the campaigns section of www.ihrc.org