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A20 update.

2 politicians confirmed for the teach-in as well as another presentor.
A20 organizers to talk on KEXP 90.3 FM this saturday morning around 7:30AM.
looks like it'll be a little harder for the cops to crackdown on the G8 teach-in. (from the acc's website)
We have TWO elected officials confirmed for the Teach-In at 2:00PM, they are: Larry Gosset (King County Council Member) and Representative Velma Veloria (11th Legislative District). They are endorsing our right to free speech and dissent, not necessarily "our politics". We feel this is a positive development. For up to date info, please email:  yellowblock@riseup.net . Also! Check out KEXP 90.3 FM radio on Saturday morning at 7:30AM for a radio interview with ACC/A20 organizers and all the new information!

On teach-in related news Ronica Sanyal is now also confirmed. She will be talking about creating a political agenda including art and culture. She is a very articulate activist. A lot of people have heard her without knowing who she is. She sings with the INB during thier performances and some of you cooler kids might know her from some Tchkung! events. later.