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MAYDAY 2002 !!!

Mayday March And Rally
Let's keep up the tradition of meetings in the park blocks and in a carnival of resistance march for the workers, celebrate the time of renewal! Anyone have any info, is the Mayday Coalition going to help create this rocking street march !!!!!!!!!!!

May Day! 11.Apr.2002 09:56

May day organizer

 http://pdxmayday.tripod.com/ for info on this years mayday.

Here's a little more detail 11.Apr.2002 13:42

Another May Day collaborator

[Disclaimer: This is not an official May Day Coalition announcement.]

The plan so far:
- Celebrate spring and the pagan holiday!
- Demand justice for immigrants!
- Honor our radical history!
- Have a fantastic workers' holiday!

On Wednesday, May 1, we'll meet in the North Park Blocks (downtown, W Burnside & Park) at 3:30pm. Our festivities there will include a maypole. At 4:30pm, we'll parade! We welcome visual inventiveness and aural creativity. Bring puppets, street theater pieces, drums, kazoos, balloons, yo mama, and the kitchen sink.

To get involved, call the voicemail number above. We'll see you on May Day!

? 11.Apr.2002 14:55


Is this a permitted event?
I think it would be nice to avoid paying for our right
to assemble and celebrate May Day.

Consider Coming To Olympia Instead? 11.Apr.2002 15:05


Olympia is having a BIG Mayday event this year, as it was last year as well. The rumor is last year it was bigger up here than it was in Portland so maybe we can concentrate our energies on building the Olympia Mayday for the whole Northwest. Already Seattle folks have said they will be coming down here instead of having a Seattle Mayday, as will the Infernal Noise Brigade. The Olympia City Council is trying to make the Mayday Action Committee meet with them and tell them where Reclaim the Streets will occur but noone has given in yet! For more info go to  http://www.olynetwork.org/mayday In addition 6,000 copies of "The Mayday Messenger" have already been printed up on newsprint and are being distributed around the city and in other nearby locales. The Mayday Action Committee has done a really good job this year connecting the street actions to working class issues, the history of Mayday, as well as the newer visions of what Mayday is becoming today. Different groups will be meeting simultaneously at 2:22 PM at Sylvester Park, Value Village, Bigelow Park and Critical Mass will be meeting at the Olympia Transit Center downtown, all converging to the unknown street party location. At the same time homeless people will be setting up a tent city in the evening. Anyway its just an idea, but it would be great if Eugene, Portland and Seattle all converged here.

going where. 11.Apr.2002 19:27

yummy tummy

much like portlands discussion over whether to stay in PDX or head to Seattle for A20, seattle has had a lot of recent discussion over where to go. It seems just about no one will be staying in Seatown with everyone else I've talked to split about 50/50 about where to go. They both should be awesome. I hope the INB plays at one or the other.

Consider going to Olympia?? 12.Apr.2002 02:30

but, why?

I'm really excited to hear about Oly's May Day organizing, but I'm getting tired of this new trend of encouraging folks to travel for events, instead of supporting the ones where they live.

In 2000, Portland's May Day march was violently attacked by the cops. Over 20 arrests, lots of pepper spray, lead pellet shotgun attacks. We were disbursed, but only temporarily--folks regrouped at the the planned last stop of the march an hour or so later, then again 3 days later to denounce the police attack.

In 2001, we mobilized over 2000 people to take to the streets--WITHOUT A PERMIT--to celebrate workers' rights.

With this history, it's pretty important that we have another huge May Day celebration here in town.

So, pardon my rudeness when I urge folks from Olympia, Seattle, Eugene or wherever to stop trying to raid Portland.

If folks want to organize a regional event (May Day, anti-WEF solidarity, A20, whatever) you should give us a call a little sooner. Regional events can make sense, but when we're talking about getting a small handful of folks to travel to Oly or Seattle vs. getting hundreds, if not thousands into the street in Portland, the choice seems pretty clear. Seriously, what will it do for the movement in Portland to send a few dozen (or even a few hundred) folks to Olympia, and do nothing to celebrate May Day here, especially considering the history here?

Of course, I speak only for myself, and I wish you in Olympia the best May Day ever, but please don't try to rain on our parade.

We're Not Bait! 12.Apr.2002 17:51


I'm so fucking sick of reading activists/Feds from other communities trying to tell people what Portland should or shouldn't be doing, and who gives a fuck if the INBrigade is playing in PDX, Olympia or in China as long as there playing somewhere! Portland is in solidarity with other communities all over the world and I don't think we've ever tried to get other people to come to P-town instead of having an event somewhere else. I mean, to have a MayDay or A20 or any event in one central place is not logical with the media in Amerika, because unless it's hell or high water the local news stations and newspapers in p-town will not be covering whats happening in Seattle or vice-versa. Cops are oppressive everywhere! War is happening everywhere! People are becoming houseless everywhere! etc, etc ... so we should be able to rise up, organize and reclaim the streets anywhere and everywhere. We always want to know what is going on in other communities, but we don't have to be told by people who don't even live in Portland what we need to do ... the laws effecting the people in our community need to be met and talked about and changed by the citizens in our community! Thank you and have a great A20 and MAYDAY wherever you may be! In solidarity, Izbotail

No Permit 12.Apr.2002 20:02

A couple of PDX MD organizers

In response to the permit question:

There will be no permit requested by the May Day Coalition. As mentioned above, the past two Portland May Day parades have not requested permits. Last year, we had a big, safe, fun, creative parade in the streets, and we'd love to repeat that.

It's our holiday, so let's celebrate it! We welcome everyone who joins together to honor spring, workers' rights, immigrants' rights, and the power of the people.


Dear , S.F.B... 13.Apr.2002 16:00


Is anyone else sick and fucking tired of hearing a buch of liberal wanks call you FED? ME too! Half the people I meet wouldn't know a fed if they locked um up. I really think it's cause too few of us are doing shit worthy of a feds attention. If they were it seems to me they'd be a DAMN site more knowledgable about fed tactics and such. Instead what we got is a situation where people from different communities are alienating eachother and the movement by SHAMING others ideas rather than confonting them on the basis of thier merit. I aggree with people who argue for a local response to global issues. I don't think this makes portlanders better in any way. I woud like to see a community based revolution. We neeeeeeed to focus. Move past shopping, parties, and protests, as our key forms of expressing community. We need to recognize the value of work. Hard work. Labor that clenses the soul. Labor of love. Family building. Village building. THE need to LIVE a sustainable solution to our planets, our communities problems. NONE of us can do this alone. Without individuals taking real action to make this happen. We'll continue to fester in our complicity. I myself work to advance this idea. Wan't to see social change? Start with your self. ok?

anarky as self government

Ideas Are Just Ideas, Calm the Fuck Down 13.Apr.2002 18:00


Hey just because I suggested that some folks might want to come to Olympia doesnt mean that I dont respect local organizing; I think that if you make a big dichotomy between local and regional organizing you are only shooting yourself in the foot. You act like I'm "sabotaging" Portland's Mayday or something. Its not like its a fucking sin or something to give folks more than one option: all I'm saying is if you want to come up here then do it - if you want to stay in Portland then do that. But dont go ballistic just because I am trying to think regionally, globally and locally and not necessarily "just locally". Fuck the cult of localism! Most uber-localists I meet are boojie rich kids from the fucking East Coast or California. I grew up in the Northwest and I think there we have alot in common all throughout the region (not to mention the rest of the world) and I also think that there is validity in giving folks the option to do something regional if they choose. If not so be it but dont have a damn aneurism about it!

Don't come to Olympia 24.Apr.2002 00:26

I eat meat

Please, don't come to Olympia for May Day. You, your noise, your mess, your illegal blocking of streets, and your vandelism are not wanted in Olympia! We have spies in the org committies so we locals and the police know exactly who you are and what you're up to.

Travelers Support the Empire 26.Apr.2002 16:27

Pacific Northwest Born and Raised

Hey there,

You say "Fuck the cult of Localism."

Sounds like your not from around here.
In fact, sounds like the language of EMPIRE.
The LOCAL is what is destroyed by GLOBALIZATION and it is where Community, Culture, and SOLIDARITY emmerge.

You came to a place where we are pround of who and where we are. We are concidered progressive NOT because of some East-of-the-Rockies Liberalism, but because we expect to be here for the rest of our lives, with a PARTICULAR landscape and a PARTICULAR community. That means we TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

I'm quite tierd of people coming here and them complaining about our provinciality- You should have listened when people called you a "Californian" here in Cascadia "Californian" is a term for ANYONE who comes here and imposes THEIR veiw.


Relax. 29.Apr.2002 13:18

Doc Star

Relax. Silly arguments like this are indicative of the loss of focus in the indie communities in the wake of resurgent fascism by the state. The left is confused. Do what you want, but don't argue about matters that are basically irrelevant.

clarification 29.Apr.2002 15:20



Which argument are you referring to? Which one is "irrelivent?"
There are so many different things being said here, which one are you addressing?