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Disrupt the war in Iraq before it happens, a tactical suggestion

I wasn't able to copy and paste the original article I want to 'case my web browser sucks - it's "America's Next War may be deadlier" by Mahir Ali. To find it go to zmag.org/znet.htm and find the link under "Iraq". Anyhow, I'll quote a few very revealing sentences and give some of my own commentary.
"Apparently, one of the main reasons that the Iraq chapter of the so-called war on terror cannot commence earlier than September is because stockpiles of the crucial 1000-pound 'smart bombs' have been depleted as a result of the Afghan conflict and cannot be replenshed before then.
"This means that the US munitions plants will be working overtime to produce weapons of mass destruction, so that Saddam Hussien can be suitably punished for allegedly seeking to do the same. That would make an ideal theme for the theater of the absurd."
-Mahir Ali

ok, so lemme get this straight. The US is out of bombs, it'll take all summer to make new ones. Now the obvious question we should be asking ourselves is "how difficult would it be for US munition plants to churn out new bombs if they are surround, by massive, tactically smart direct action mobilizations against the production of weapons of mass destruction? And wouldn't, say right after the A20 protests be a good time for such a thing to start happening?" Just a thought, all hypothetical of course, I would never suggest that people to anything to undermine national security, that would be silly and unpatriotic ;)
good point 11.Apr.2002 10:15

Heidi Enji Hoogstra enji@earthlink.net

does anybody know where these places are?

but what sort of action could happen? a peaceful blockade would be dispersed in a couple of hours through arrests.

could there be anything like the tree sits that could be as peaceful?

Where? and How? 11.Apr.2002 14:04

Anon War Resistor cascadiac@yahoo.com

Perhaps a tripod in Kent, WA?

Kent, WA Boeing Plant is at 20403 68th Avenue South, Kent, WA 98032

HARRIS CORPORATION, TELEDYNE INC, RAYTEHON CO., LITTON INDand TRW INC. Harris is a contractor for B-52 and the Minuteman missiles, produces electronics for the B-1, military satellites, anti satellite weapons, the MX Tridents 1 & 11 missiles. Telledyne makes radar systems for the B-1 and B-52 bombers, explosive devices for the Pershing 11, engines for Cruise and Harpoon missiles. Raytheon produces systems and components for Trident, B-1, B-52, F-4 bombers and guided missile cruisers and the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System. Litton work on missile cruisers, Midgetman. TRW Inc work on the B-1 bomber, MX and the Anti Ballistic missile.
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS - sole suppliers of the high spead Anti Radiation Missile (HARM), produce radar and electronic systems for navigation, intelligence and missile guidance systems and contracts for the Cruise missile.



"America's supply of the air launched version, one of the US air force's most sophisticated and deadly weapons, has become so depleted that military chiefs are pressing Boeing, the manufacturers, to speed up their production."

AGM-86B air-launched cruise missiles
Primary Function: Air-to-ground strategic cruise missile
Contractor: Boeing Defense and Space Group.
Guidance Contractors: Litton Guidance and Control, and Interstate Electronics Corp. (AGM-86C model)
Power Plant: Williams Research Corp. F-107-WR-10 turbofan engine

"In early August, The Boeing Co. agreed to pay $3.2 billion for Rockwell's space and defense lines, including the Duluth, GA plant, where employees design and manufacture missile systems and rocket parts."

"1983: In first public action of the new Seattle Nonviolent Action Group (SNAG), 12 people blockade Boeing Cruise Missile plant in Kent all day. None are arrested."

"At a full production rate, Boeing can convert 12 cruise missiles a month. The conversions would be done at a Boeing site, either in Kent or Oak Ridge, Tenn. "

Excellent 11.Apr.2002 15:00


This is a great idea, where is Kent, WA?
is it a pretty accessible town?
If its in a location accessible by Seattle and Portland
kids we could probably get an action camp or something, lockdown in the bastards' drive way.