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A20 Seattle info.

Some relevant info for those coming to Seattle regarding what the day is going to look like.
Just some info I put together on the different events.

11:55 AM Wake Up Washington, a large coalition of peace/church/activist groups is holding a rally in opposition to the war. They are asking people to bring a alarm clock or noise device to set off as a "wake up" to washington on our lose of civil liberities and the war on terror.
~1:10 PM Around this time WUW is scheduled to end. A large group of people will then march from westlake to SCCC to attend the teach-in and later events
2:00 PM The teach-in on the G8 will start with presentations from Lorenzo Ervin, Carlos, Serena Nadir, and Ronica Sanyal. The police have pressured sccc to close down for the day. Students are going to sue the school in court and there is a good chance of wining. If they don't the teach-in will still occur but outside. The school has agreed to provide port-o-potties!!!
~4:00 PM RTS events will begin. 3 bands are scheduled to play and they'll have a couple short speakers. Plans are set for a clown bloc, a suit bloc, and a group of radical cheerleaders. Food will be served if possible at rts.
~6:00 PM The ACC (Anti-Capitalist Convergence) has called for 2 marches against the World Bank and IMF. The permit for the green march is being applied for while we speak. Green March Route. March to Westlake Center from SCCC. The green march will leave around 6PM, The yellow march will leave by a slightly different route about 15 min later.
Most of this info is from the acc, although not all of it.

Regarding the area around SCCC. The police have pressured the following places to shut down although its unclear at this point what will be open. The Chevron gas station across from SCCC, the church on broadway, and the large complex right next to it.

No traffic or parking will be allowed from Pine To Olive on Broadway. There might not be a way to avoid walking past the police blocked off area. Try to get onto SCCC property as soon after WAW as possible. As usual the cops will have a large number of undercovers and cameras in the area. DO NOT BREAK ANY LAWS ON YOUR WAY TO SCCC. The SPD is notories for arresting with force anyone who jaywalks, litters, etc when people are in a small group or alone.

Whatever the result of the lawsuit the SCCC parking garage behind SCCC will be closed and the cops will likely have personal stationed there.

The green march will arrive, have a rally and dispurse before the yellow march reaches downtown. The acc has no decision making power regarding the green march. A seperate group of individual are organizing it's logistics although the acc originally called for it.
~7:00 PM The green march/rally will end.
~?The yellow march ends?

We are asking people to agree to the following if participating in the green
march- These are very strict guidelines in order to allow the participation
of those not willing or able to risk illegal police violence or those who might be targeted (illegal immigrants, people of color, strict pacifists)

1  We will use no violence, physical or verbal towards any person
2. We will carry no weapons
3. We will not bring or use any alcohol or illegal drugs
4. We will not destroy property- personal or corporate
5. We will not graffiti either temporary or permanent
6. We will not run, taunt, etc.
7. We will obey the commands of the police- both lawful and unlawful commands to move, disperse, etc.

Yellow March Route-
The yellow march is going to march downtown, take a brief stroll, and return to SCCC on capitol hill. If possible we will snake march in hopes of avoiding confrontations with the police. The route is open to change depending on the situation on the 20th. Nothing is set in stone, flexability is our strength. We are not willing to put people in situations that are unsafe.

Regroup points if march gets separated-
We are asking people to try to make it back to SCCC if people are seperated.
This is not a strict or complete list. We are not endorsing things which are not on the list. We have no power to enforce these guidelines, rather we are saying to violate these would in almost every situation not be in solidarity of what others at the action are comfortable with. We hope it sets a loose framework which people will consider when thinking about and planning actions before and at the march.

1: We will not permanently alter, damage or destroy non-multinational corporate property
2: We will not bring weapons like guns or knives
3: We will not use drugs or alcohol at the action meeting space or once the action itself has started
4: We will not initiate violence against any person or animal.

General issues.
If you are attending any events beside Wake Up Washington it is STRONGLY advised that you bring anything you would want for your safety in the case of extreme illegal police action. Goggles especially. Most people are of the opinion that with the large amount of people/media/elected officials that are going to be present the police will be restrained. The green march will probably not have any problems.

I'm sure other events are planned. I've heard tons of rumors about all sorts of crazy things. The acc is encouraging people/groups to carry out autonomous actions as well as participate in the scheduled events.

Solidarity. A20 should be amazing.

homepage: homepage: http://www.seattleacc.cjb.net

WHAT IS THIS?? 12.Apr.2002 22:09

Fran Rockford

Carry an alarm clock? Teach-ins?? This seems to all be a bit of mis-direction..I had planned on coming to Seattle to demonstrate against the massive human rights violations in Palestine..The whole world is rising uo against this Zionazi massacre going on now and you are doing WHAT? This country is involved in supporting shameful things, a racist, aparthied terrorist regime of Israel and you want us to attend a godamned bake sale...I am no advocate of violence in any way but think this demonstration hasnt the proper focus and needs a real leader..Lets get real and march on the Post-Intelligencer or the Godamned Israel Embassy...Stand up and be counted Man ,or lay down and be mounted... Or get out of the way..Who made you a leader, Ariel Sharon??

good informational post 12.Apr.2002 22:34

ding ding