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Total Liberation Updated Schedule

updated 4/10/2002

April 19-Mayday 2002
at the Evergreen State College
in Olympia, Washington


Friday A19
12 -2) Susan Parenti on theater, feminism and liberation at Lecture Hall One. Parenti is a playwright and author of "The Politics of the Adjective Political" and "I
and my Mouth and Their Irresistible Life in Language."
4-6) Todd May on Poststructuralist Anarchism and Contingent Holism at Lecture Hall One. May is author of "Reconsidering Difference" and "the Political Theory of
Poststructuralist Anarchism."

Saturday A20
2) G8 Teach in at Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) with Special Guests the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).
4) Reclaim the Streets Action Against the World Bank / IMF; starts at SCCC
6) Anti-Capitalist Convergence March Against the World Bank / IMF; starts at SCCC

Sunday A21
12 - 6) All-Day Holistic Antioppression Workshop with Leticia Nieto at Longhouse. This workshop is definately worth attending, it will completely alter how you
understand the nature of both oppression and liberation - don't miss it.

Monday A22
5-7:30) Anarchism and Ecology: a Discussion With John Zerzan and Dan Chodorkoff at LIB 2000. Chodorkoff is the director of the Institute for Social Ecology and
author of several essays on anarchism. Zerzan is author of several books on anarchism and anti-civilizationism including "Elements of Refusal" and his latest book
"Running on Emptiness."
8 - 10) Michael Moore on George W. Bush and "Stupid White Men" at Evergreen CRC. Moore is author of "Downsize This!" and producer of the seminal
anti-corporate film "Roger and Me."

Tuesday A23
12-1:30) Speaker on Third Wave / Postfeminism at Library Lobby
7-9) Speaker and slideshow on Ecofeminism at Longhouse

Wednesday A24
6-7:30) Arthur Miller on bridging environmental, indigenous and working class movements at Library Lobby. Miller is author of "Supporting the Makahs" and a local
indigenous sovereignty and labor activist.
8-10) Elizabeth Martinez on "Where is the Color in the Antiglobalization Movement Today?" at Library Lobby. Martinez is author of "500 Years of Chicano History"
and is well known for her critique of the whiteness of the Seattle WTO protests.

Thursday A25
12 - 1:30) Lorenzo Komboa Ervin on anarchism and people of color at the Library Lobby. Ervin is author of "Anarchism and the Black Revolution."
7-9) Michael Albert on creating effective interconnected, holistic social change and the theory of Complimentary Holism at Library Lobby
9-12) Hardcore and Hip-Hop Show: Vitamin X and Merciful Allah at Library 4300 .

Friday A26
12-1:30) Aragorn! on the relation between indigenous worldviews and anarchist strategy at Longhouse. Aragorn! is author of "Oppression Song," "Community" and
"After the Revolution" and is currently active in the Bay Area anarchist group Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarians of Color (RACE).


7-11) "The Anarchist Smackdown; Anarchism and the 21st Century Paradigm." A constructive collective conversation and debate on commonality and difference
within the anarchist milieu featuring the Number 3 Collective (anarchist-social ecologist), Killing King Abacus (anarchist-insurrectionist), John Zerzan / Green
Anarchy (anarchist-primitivist), Arthur Miller (anarchist-syndicalist-platformist), Aragorn! (indigenous-anarchist) and more at the Longhouse


Saturday A27
(Workshop times are tentative, meet at the bottom floor of the Library Building, also known as LIB 1000)

10-11:15am: Police Brutality and Homelessness LIB 1509
10-11:15am: Women's Self-Defense by FIST (outside)
10-11:15am: Researching Corporations by (?) LIB 1508
10-11:15am: Insurrectionary Anarchism by Killing King Abacus LIB 1600
10-1:15am: Strategizing for Holistic Social Change by Brian Frank and Jamie Sullivan LIB 1000 (3 hours)
10-10:30am:Earth Liberation Front film LIB 1612
10:30-11:40am:Fuck the System film LIB 1612

11:15-12:30pm: Union Organizing in Diverse Communities with IWW LIB 1509
11:15-12:30pm: Supporting Indigenous Sovereignty with Steve Hapy and Arthur Miller LIB 1508
11:15-12:30pm: Organizing to Stop Rape in Diverse Communities with Communities Against Rape and Abuse LIB 1600
11:40-1:40: Anarchy in Spain film LIB 1612

12:30-1:15pm: LUNCH

1:15-2:30pm: Legal Self-Defense by the Midnight Legal Collective LIB 1600
1:15-2:30pm: Anarchism and Spirituality by Jeff Engels LIB 1508
1:15-2:30pm: Guerilla Gardening and Farming by (?) LIB 1509
1:15-2:30pm: Community Organizing 101 by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin LIB 1000
1:40-3:40: Mindwalk, Fritjof Capra's film about holistic philosophy

2:30- 5pm: Street Self-Defense by Gregory C. Lewis (Outside)
2:30-3:45pm: Green Anarchy and Primitivism: Myth and Reality LIB 1600
2:30-3:45pm: Art and Anarchy with Al LIB 1509
2:30-3:45pm: Strategies for Feminist Organizing by (?) LIB 1508

3:45-5pm: Building a Holistic Nationwide Anarchist Organization by the No. 3 Collective LIB 1600
3:45-5pm: Wildcrafting and Forest Survival by (?) LIB 1509
3:45-5pm: Street Medic Training by (?) LIB 1508
3:45-5pm: Recent Militant Street Actions and Demonstrations Worldwide film snippets LIB 1612

5 - 6:15pm: "Bordered Identities; Deconstructing Forced Categorization" Fishbowl Discussion and Workshop.

6:15-7pm: Closing Plenary Session, Discussion and Critique of Total Liberation

7:30-1am: Potluck / Party at the Beach House

Sunday A28
Antiwar Organizing Conference With the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace
9- 9:30am: Registration
9:30 - 10am: Welcome
10 - 12pm: Opening
12 - 1pm: Lunch
1- 2pm: Workshops
2:15pm - 3:15pm: Workshops
3:30pm - 4:30pm: Plenary
4:45pm - 6pm: Reconvene & Close

Monday A29
8-10) Every Woman's Delegation at the Library Lobby

Tuesday A 30
7-9) Linda Evans on the Prison-Industrial Complex at the Library Lobby. Evans is a former political prisoner who was involved in the heyday of the Students for a
Democratic Society (SDS) as well as efforts against the Vietnam War and in support of Black Liberation struggles.

Wednesday M1
12) Mayday Celebration and Reclaim the Streets Action in Olympia with the Infernal Noise Brigade and other festitivities.

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