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Carpool to Seattle A20??

WE should organize a carpool for people who choosing to go to Seattle.
I'm trying to stay out of the debate. I personally am going to Seattle and would like to hook up with others, arrange a ride, etc. I'd like to leave friday night, am looking for a ride for 2 kidz+some banners,and can help with gas $. If there is a lot of interest, maybe we could set up a way for folx with cars and folx needing rides to coordinate.
email me  Polyp@boxfrog.com or post a reply...

looking to setup carpools. 10.Apr.2002 20:05


I'm looking to setup a carpooling list for A20. Tomorrow I will post a number or website to coordinate the events. I'll keep everyone posted.

seattle needs help 10.Apr.2002 21:12


What the police are doing in Seattle is unbelievable - Everyone who can should go there to protest - It's true, the Seattle Police are off the deep end!!!!!!

Carpool to Seattle 12.Apr.2002 07:04

Jennifer bubalu12@yahoo

I'm looking for a ride to Seattle and can leave Friday night or early Saturday.


TACTICS FOR 4/20 15.Apr.2002 00:59

Jordan Thornton pilgrim112@hotmail.com

As someone who works in the Mainstream media, (and an Activist) I know there are things you can do to further the cause, by bending the rules, or making new ones.

I get frustrated every time I see a protest covered. Yes, the corporate media take steps to ignore what is being said.

However, there are things you can do to counteract this:

In the weeks leading up to the protests, call the GM or News Director of local TV stations, and ask to be interviewed. If they accept, great. Now, show up with something to say, and the FACTS to back up those words.

If denied, thank them anyway, then call all your friends, and hold a NOISY rally in front of the station. Call the station's competitors, and when their cameras arrive (and they will) talk to them.

At the protest itself, SEEK OUT THE CAMERAS. Talk to the reporters. You have to understand that with the spreading of networks, reporters have become lazy. They are looking for the easy story. You must make your views easily-accessible to them. Give them well-thought-out sound bites to work with.

Befriend them. They're just people like you and I. Ask their opinions. I guarantee a lot of them have never even considered the bigger question. Find a way to get through.

Insist that they get a wide-shot of the crowd. The camera lens can be very narrow. It's one thing to say "a hundred thousand people", and quite another to show it.

Besides protest signs, CARRY FLAGS, not for the country that is, but for the country that should be, the one you were PROMISED.

If the cops rush you, cover up in the flag. What a different picture it would make, if the police had to beat and arrest people through the flag. You must learn to use the media. We are playing a game with rules the enemy has devised. We must find ways to bend these rules.

If the cops walk in formation, beating on their shields, know that this is a tactic of intimidation. Stand strong, together, and beat in unison with them. Demonstrate your resolve to all those cameras.

Deflate the tension by singing and dancing along with the beating of the shields. Change their intentions for them. Take away their power.

In retreat, never run away. This makes us look weak. Bite your tongue against the searing pain of the teargas, ignore the trembling of your hands, and walk calmly away.

**** We need A LINE OF DISCIPLINED ACTIVISTS, between the police and those who would resort to violence. A line that will not be moved. Tell the police that you will return the degree of respect given to you. Nothing more, nothing less. ****

"If it bleeds, it leads" is a very real concept in the media. Be Ghandi for a day. Be proactive in preventing violence. Explain to those who want to fight, that their energy would be better put to use in some other capacity. Lord knows, I understand the anger and frustration they feel, but violence hurts our cause. The message gets lost.

Act as if your every action is watched, because it is. Make your core beliefs the impetus for your every word and deed. We must set an example for all those cameras. Demonstrate that we believe another way is possible.

We must not scare the People. This only hardens them against us. Violence is what the fat men in suits desire. Don't let them win.

TALK to the People, the bystanders, the gawkers. Ask them if they enjoy the world created by an unchallenged Elite. Ask them if this is the world they wish to leave for their children. Make it personal, because it is.

I used to be a graffiti artist, and know the power the artform possesses. I've seen people paint things such as "Capitalism makes us slaves" at protests, that made it to air. These images are very powerful. Give those that want to destroy property a spraycan. Leave something for the residents to read after the protest is over. (It's a misdemeaner at best...)

And remember, that you are the Majority, and you are right. There are millions upon millions who support you, and this Movement grows stronger each day, with every act by the fat men in suits which reveals their true nature a little more.

Truth is our greatest ally.

We cannot fail, unless we fail to act.

To a better world?

P E A C E . .