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Anarchist Prisoner Robert "Los Ricos" Thaxton sent to hole

Anarchist Prisoner Rob los Ricos has been sent to the hole at Oregon State Pen. for resisting DNA testing.
Anarchist Prisoner Robert "Los Ricos" Thaxton sent to hole
Anarchist Prisoner Robert "Los Ricos" Thaxton sent to hole
Comrade Rob los Ricos is in the 'hole' for refusal to submit to manditory DNA testing at Oregon State Penitentiary. We are unsure of the amount of time he will be in lock down.

Letters of encouragement can be sent to:
Rob Thaxton #12112716
OSP, 2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97310 USA

Letters must have a complete return address, use only ballpoint
ink, avoid anarchist symbols and choose content carefully.

BACKROUND: Anarchist writer, Rob los Ricos, was arrested during
an international day of solidarity in opposition to a G-8 Summit
on June 18, 1999 in Eugene Oregon. The day the police came out to
model their armor and excercise their force. Rob was sentenced to
7 years and 4 months for throwing a rock at a cop who was in
pursuit. This is an outrageous sentence. The cop was not injured
and is a known racist. "It was easy for the court to single me
out for harsh treatment. I was from out-of-town. I think, act,
look and smell like a guy who lives in the woods (because I am)
and I'm Tejano. I'm unashamed of being an anarchist, a political
activist and a writer of anarchist diatribes" RlR

homepage: homepage: http://www.defenestrator.org/roblosricos/index.html

confirm? 13.Apr.2002 16:04


I've had independant confermation that rob is not in jail.
Can anyone else confirm?


river riverroars@yahoo.com

Heckno! Yes indeed Rob is in prison! Steel gates and repression and fucked up reality! The Whole Deal...

He has been locked away for 2 + years (or so) of a 7 1/2 year sentence (or so). He was arrested for throwing a rock at a racist cop, in self defense, at a riot started by the eugene cops, at a reclaim the streets rally in solidarity in opposition to protesting the G8!

Recently he refused manditory DNA testing and was sent to the hole on April 7 (or so) and released(?) to the 'general population' on April 13 (or so)
That article can be found by searching this sight.

He is a writer... read some of his writings...
More of his work will be posted as time goes by..Search his name on any search engine on the internet highway..

Thanks for checking in on incorrect information!
with respect ~river~