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It's as easy as picking up the phone. Marsh USA supports unnecessary animal torture. Let them know you don't like that!!
Marsh USA has become the primary target in the campaign to close HLS as they provide the laboratory with the insurance it needs to continue operating. Help knock Marsh out of HLS and further seal the fate of the failing torture chamber known as Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Earlier this afternoon, april 10, eight activists stormed the fifth floor offices of Marsh incorporated in Portland, Oregon. Sliding through the door to the key-card restricted offices behind the pizza guy, the activists loudly informed the local employees of their company's dealings with animal torture. Weilding signs, fliers, stickers and a harmonica, they caused quite a disruption before being forcefully escorted out by angry puppy killers. They seemed pretty upset as quite a mess was left for them to clean up and their business as usual was successfully interrupted. Marsh has been hit all over the country by comassionate people, and now Marsh Portland knows we're here and we're not going away until they stop helping HLS kill 500 each day.

Call and ask how it went.....

****Thursday april 11th****


We need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to telephone the Portland Marsh office on
THURSDAY APRIL 11th during regular business hours. Let them know that you are
aware of their involvement in HLS and are disgusted by it. Demand that they
sever ties with the lab and cease to provide them with the insurance services
necessary to continue operating.

Dial Marsh again and again to register your disgust with Marsh USA

****Thursday, April 11th CALL MARSH

A few names of employees you might want to ask for or dial direct:

Steve Smelly, (yes, that IS his real name), office manager, 800.547.0135
Jennifer ?? Manager
Pat hogan, VP in charge of office
Dan sloan **ext. 1207
Chris Brisbee
Shon DeVries **ext. 6173
Russell Merlo **ext. 6417
Julie Smith
JJ Johnson
Lorie Johnson
Lindo Robertson
Nancy Parrish
Nicky nichols
Mary Kay Reed
Anne Mersereau **ext. 6444

homepage: homepage: http://www.shacusa.net www.shac.net