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Michael Moore April 19

Information requested on his appearance.
Does anyone have more information about Michael Moore's April 19 appearance at Lewis & Clark College?
yep 10.Apr.2002 12:31


Tickets are available for $4 at Fasttixx. There located in almost every safeway, open from 9am-9pm.

Tickets? 10.Apr.2002 14:14


I thought this was a free event, first come first serve! Where did you find this information?
Thank you! I am going to purchase my tickets right now.

Tickets 10.Apr.2002 18:27


I was going to get my ticket online but they wanted $4 plus $3.50 in service fees! So I went to Music Millenium...the fee there was only $1.00.

Thanks! 11.Apr.2002 10:56


Gonna head over to Music Millenium today and get tickets. I didn't get to see him on the Downsize This! tour because they shut the doors of the Old Church; fortunately, he spent about a half hour on the front steps talking to the people who couldn't get in.