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A20 update from Seattle- things get strange

Latest on a20 organizing in seattle- people gear up to fight the school closure etc.
Wow things are going crazy-

The newest news-

Activists are going to sue sccc if President Mitchell refuses to negotiate on the teach-in. They are have also indicated they are organizing and will need support when they take action. Tons of people have emailed Mitchell- we need to keep up the pressure please write again urging him to negotiate and call his office- Call president Mitchells office at (206) 587-4144 Or call the Board of trustees at (206) 587-3872

We have been informed the Police have also contacted the church across the street and another business and asked them to shutdown- which they are- saying that "anarchists" from Portland and Eugene are coming to seattle on the 20th!

Today the police attended a faculty CAB meeting at sccc to answere questions about a20- A faculty member asked why they would stop people from parking on broadway. The police officer responded (according to someone at the meeting) to the effect of- well someone could just load a car up with bombs bring it to sccc, park it on broadway, go down the next day and if he was searched no one would find anything and he could just blow it up!!! No joke. The police are insane- they are crossing every line to intimidate people. We must assert our rights!!

Wake Up Washington (a large coalition of peace/church/activist groups) is holding the noon peace demo at westlake and they've decided to hold a joint press conference with us (umbrella A20 group). This will be on the 18th around 5PM. As you can imagine this will be a interesting press conference :) the corporate media loves us so.

We'll be flyering tomorrow at Howard Zinn if anyone wants to join us.

Hmm, some people have asked that everyone involved in A20 be careful. Some activist have had weird encounters lately that indicate some people might be under police surveilance.

A20 is shaping up to be very interesting.

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