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Hooray, Eagle Creek canceled-Fall Creek and N. Winberry still up.

hooray,Eagle Cancelled
Hooray, Eagle Creek is canceled.It's about time. I'd just like to let people know that two other tree-sit campaigns in Oregon are still protecting old-growth forests.One is Fall Creek in the Lowell ranger district,Willamette National Forest.The other is N. Winberry in the Middle Fork district,Willamette National forest.People have been up in the trees at Fall Creek (Clark timber Sale)since april 1998. Activists have been living in the trees at N.Winberry timber sale since Jan. 1999. Both campaigns are protecting areas of massive old-growth Douglas Fir,Western Red Cedar,and Western Hemlock trees, many close to 3 hundred feet tall. The tallest Douglas fir tree currently on record at 324 feet is only a few miles from the Fall Creek tree village.At both Fall Creek and N. Winberry,upper canopy surveys for the Oregon Red Tree Vole have been undertaken by activist groups including Canopy Action Network,Cascadia Forest Defenders,and Oregon Forest Research and Education Group. All but 29 acres of the sale at Fall Creek has been set aside in wildlife buffers for the Tree vole. At least one unit of the Winberry sale has also been tied up by the tree vole surveys,as well as a rare lichen species that was found by an activist.
We need to keep pushing for the cancellation of Clark(Fall Creek) and N. Winberry.Many things can be done to help this happen:Writing letters to Rep. Peter Defazio,Sen. Ron Wyden,US Forest Service is a good thing to do,also helping with the direct action campaigns,there are many things people can do to help with these,sitting in trees,helping collect and deliver food,donating gear or cash,there are always many ways to help. For more info on ways to help,and letters to write,check out www.tree-sit.org and click on "Green Canopy" area.Oh,and LONG LIVE THE FOREST AT EAGLE CREEK!

homepage: homepage: http://www.tree-sit.org

Cascadia Forest Defenders 10.Apr.2002 10:09

tree-hugger forestdefenders@dojo.tao.ca

also check out the Cascadia Forest Defenders website for more information and news...