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U.S.'s pedophilicide program devolving its people

This premeditated mass criminal sociological programming and murder of the
middle and lower classes aims to devolve society, effectively arresting
development of humanity and civilization. This aids and abets in the
ushering in of technological progress as societies' panacea, and evolutions
I have made numerous complaints to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty
International, and other human and civil rights organizations here in the
U.S. concerning my continually, and constantly being harassed and attacked,
in numerous forms, by personnel employed by, or acting in coordination with
the U.S. gov't. Over decades my complaints of illegal eviction attempts,
police abuse and brutality against me, all complained about in the
appropriate bureaucratic, governmental agencies; to no avail. Almost
getting no response at al. Including the U.S. Attorney General's, local
District Attorney's, Congressmen, etc. The latest assaults on me and my
human rights include kidnapping, death threats, denial of pain, other
medications, detrimental treatment to further my physical disabilities,
police and prosecutor harassment and abuse, thefts of mail and property,
etc. Now, I am attempting to get some action again from agencies, and also
from your office. An area I didn't put forth in my previous complaints I am
listing in this letter; which is the main reason why the U.S. gov't has
targeted me and numerous others.

The U.S. gov't, mainly through the use of its military personnel, run a
national pedophilicide program. This includes sexual assaults, rapes,
sexual abuse, and sexualization of children to psychologically scar them; in
a usually successful attempt to debilitate them for life; 'till they're
murdered. This, realizes increased consumerism of, and participation in,
all related or exploitative industries; with increased regularity.

These include :) the military, medical, vocational training and placement,
many middle class to poor level jobs, social programs, all businesses that
are involved in, and related to, the prison industrial complex, religious
and spiritual, as well as all industries that increase delusional profits
and delusional pleasures; especially in the shorter term.

Knowing that a child's psychological worldview is realized by the age of six
years, as related by Erickson, et al, they attack kids before that age, at
least once; to realize the psychological damage and fixation; as related by
Freud. This is done to "manufacture" psychological victims, more
consumerist and readily exploitable; who are purposely not protected by the
gov't; when they are required to.

This is a premeditated program, the children put on a list are so abused;
and all gov't personnel aware of the program are informed of who is on the
list to be exploited or attacked. This is done in public buildings,
schools, homes of the pedophiliciding agents, etc., who will surely gain
from any contact, some form of delusional profit or delusional pleasure;
determined by the fact that they are backed up by the gov't.

As the children grow to adulthood, they make easier targets for the gov'ts'
agents, for the attacks make them more accessible and vulnerable to further
attacks. This is due to the fact that every time they're exploited or
attacked it reinforces their fixations and psychologically skewed worldview,
until they become self defeating and fulfilling prophesies of victimhood.
They attempt to sexually exploit and abuse the children as much as possible,
to insure the children's psychological and emotional debilitation.

This premeditated mass criminal sociological programming aims to devolve
society, effectively arresting development of humanity and civilization.
This aids and abets in the ushering in of technological progress as
evolutions replacement.

I was, and am being victimized and have evidence of all; and can identify
hundreds of gov't agents who take part. Please contact me with any help,
referrals. Thanks.

homepage: homepage: http://www.everythingforeveryone.org
phone: phone: 209-844-3835
address: address: p.o.b. 982 Lakin KS 67860 US

yes! 09.Apr.2002 20:29


fascinating testimony! I may need to see some evidence, though. thanks for a well written, informative, and thoroughly convincing contribution to this website. you helped me to realize that I am not alone. McGruff the Crime Dog, working under the auspices of the FBI, poked me in the ass as a young boy.

No, thank you! 10.Apr.2002 21:50

james m nordlund reality@pld.com

Good pun! Thanx for the comment. You wouldn't believe some of the irrational comments I've received on the Irish Indy site. Below are some of my replies to them, if you're interested :)

Bonjour! It's interesting that I've posted this same article on numerous
sites, sent it to all of congress, and other officials, in Europe, and all
over the world, yet, not once did they question my credibility? One might
suppose that they wished to "marginalize" it by not attacking it?

First, I mention numerous specific attacks, incidents in the article. That
I don't give times and dates, so you could verify, is a matter of legal
strategy. For, if I did, then the gov't could destroy any litigation in
advance by destroying the evidence you wish me to site; no?

Second, my personal evidence of being molested, taken advantage of, etc., as
a child, straight through to 15 years old, wouldn't be able to be confirmed
by you anyway; and I'd be placing witnesses lives in jeopardy. As well, as
a mental health counseling supervisor, I'm not allowed to site evidence on
my clients to the public; not to mention the fact that it would be placing
them and witnesses lives in jeopardy!

Third, I'm rather well known around the world, for a poor and disabled,
advocate, writer and activist; whom are you that you can question my
credentials? Yet, in your country, because of the gov't's continuing
tactics of censoring me, stopping my writings from being published, and
attempting to marginalize me in everyway ( to the "outland", no? ), you may
of not read my works or heard of me; so, by way of introduction, I'm
reality! Here are a partial list of the over 300 projects, organizations,
programs, et al that I participate in, do advocacy and activism for, am a
member in, pass the good word about them on to hundreds of others, donate
to, etc. :)
Professional Associations (partial list) = Physicians For Social
Responsibility, Physicians For Human Rights, Freedom House, The Southern
Poverty Law Center, Amnesty International (all their groups), Infact,
Greenpeace, Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, Back From The
Brink, The Campaign, The Moratorium Campaign, Buddhist Peace Fellowship,
National Action Network, Womens International League For Peace And Freedom
(nat. and local), Campaign For Tibet, American Civil Liberties Union, Human
Rights Watch, A.A.P., St. Mark's Poetry Project, I.A.W.A., I.W.W.G.,
F.C.N.L., N.A.S.A.,
Rainforest Alliance, Green Party (nat. and local), Public Citizen, Citizen
Works, P.E.N. friend, N.A.D.F., Council of Indian Nations, Infact, Union of
Concerned Scientists, Planned
Parenthood, Co-op America, S.A.V.E., Foundation for the People of Burma, The
East Timor Action Network, K.O.L.A., The Smithsonian Institute, Defenders of
Wilderness, American Indian Community House, American Indian Relief Council, Doctors Without Borders,
Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary, Wilderness Society, Lummox Society Of Writers,
Native American Rights Fund, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear
Power in Space, Global Exchange, C.D.F., A.F.S.C., A.D.A. Watch, Afghan
Women's Mission, L.P.D.C., U.N.I.C.E.F., C.O.L., W.W.F., N.R.D.C., Tricycle,
The Public Concern Foundation, The Archaeological Conservancy, Earth Justice, Ontario Clean Air Alliance, Refuse and Resist, N.P.C.A., Peace and
Social Justice Center, Planet Save, L.W.V., C.A.P., N.W.F., Silicon Valley
Toxics Coalition, D.A.N., The Justice Project, E.D.A.N., American Association of People with Disabilities, The Wilderness Society, W.F.E.N., N.C.A.D.P., C.U.A.D.P.,
I.A.C., R.A.N., E.F., Medicinal Purposes, Democracy Now, I.F.C.O., Writers
Forum at Ranchi, Feminist Majority, Free Tibet, A.C.L.U. (nat. and local), et al.
You are not taking an objective perspective, which means you're not doing a
good job as a moderator; which begs the question, why? You can't not know
about the fact that here in the U.S. it has been reported all over the place
about the conspiracy to cover-up of the facts that the child molesting
priest, who molested hundreds of boys, had a position of responsibility in
the Roman Church! That
the Churches cover-up reached to very high levels, and went on for decades!
Not to forget the fact that it was also widely reported that it's a
widespread problem in the Church, tantamount to a conspiracy! Yet, a few
later I post an article on the same subject involving the military, who
everyone knows aren't anywhere near as well behaved as priests, and you, for
some illogical reasons, question its authenticity right from the
beginning! I've been raped, molested, attacked, as a child; how much more
specific could I possibly get? As an adult I was assaulted, kidnapped,
attempted murder and attempted vehicular murder, etc., have made over 40
complaints about the police officers involved, which is all a matter of
public record. I've reported this to district attorneys, state attorney
generals, and the U.S. Attorney General, etc. It is all a matter of public
record. Am I, as opposed to every other poster on this site, supposed to
fax documents proving police assaults, my complaints, etc. As well, no,
posting a generalized article isn't threatening the witnesses, because the
gov't figures they'll have murdered me before a legal case will be made; so,
their cover-up doesn't have to erase witnesses- that would be overkill.
This isn't objective of you! As well, our legal system in the U.S. is such that if I posted names of the
military and what they did, a judge could throw any legal action against
them out of court using that as evidence of an attempt on the prosecutions
part to prejudice a juror before their client received a duly processed
trial. Which I, admittedly only, referred to before.

Viva la evolution! Enjoy a vernal eve' as you can. i look forward...

p.o.b. 982 Lakin KS 67860 US