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Eagle Creek saved, Direct Action gets the goods

We won
Ok, this isn't like, an official press release or anything. The phones ringin' off the hook here at the Cascadia Forest Alliance office, because Ron Wyden announced that the Eagle Creek timber sale will be cancelled. We still haven't gotten anything in writing, but it looks pretty in-the-bag. This victory is the result of 3 years of community organizing, forest occupation and direct action. Diversity of tactics works!!
Words from the east... 10.Apr.2002 21:11


I knew I had found beauty and power in the forest and the people who lived there. I am now sure that this power is something that resides in and around all of us at all times. It is up to us, in whatever fights we choose to make our own, to use the power and strength that the success at Eagle has reaffirmed exists within us. We must always remember the power we hold when we unite, not just as people, but as members of the living earth. All my love to the CFA folks.