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New list for NW Anarchist-Communists

A new NW project has begun, the NW Anarchist-Communist Organizing Network, which seeks to connect with like-minded folks. We have set up a list for this purpose.

Greetings to all,
After some discussion, and looking at the example of the NEFAC, we have set up a list in order to try to start a process
to create a nw federation. We thought that such a process may work best by first creating a network so that there can be the needed discussion, among all who wish to take part, on how such a federation would look like and how it could meet our common needs. One of the good examples that the NEFAC has set for us is the creation of a regional federation that does not recognize political borders. Thus we hope for the involvement of folks from both sides of the Canadian/U.S. political border.
We also want to state that this new list and network does not mean that anyone is seeking to replace other lists, or that we are no longer willing to work with other groups, projects or help with other events. Federation organizing is part of the ideas of anarchist-communitism and all this should be looked upon is our
attempt to organize our ideas. Thank you.
The list for the NW Anarchist-Communist Organizing Network (NWACON) is open to all who are interested in helping to build a NW Anarchist-Communist Federation. Such a federation would included the different means of anarchist-communist organizing, including class struggle (including Anarcho-Syndicalists), anti-racism, anti-sexism and other forms of organizing against oppression and exploitation, and Anarchist-Communist
based environmentalism and anti-war activism.

There are a few rules and protocal to the list, to keep the discussion on point and to the topic.

1) Please post only those things related to the list topic. This includes discussion, criticism, events of interest to us, and news that directly affects our method of organization.

2) This list is moderated by John P. ( bp172@scn.org). The moderator may unsubscibe individuals who repeatedly abuse the list protocals, engage in personal attacks (i.e. name calling, bad jacketing, etc), but criticism is allowed and encouraged--keep it respectful. If the moderator is abusing the fuction then list members may vote no confidence through the polling
feature on yahoogroups or create a new list and unsubscribe from the current one. Now that's democracy.

3) The main goal is to deal with anarcho-communist organization and action. Debates about the whether or not we should organize is not the topic of this list; we are here because we want to organize and change society.

4) By subscribing to this list you are agreeing to the above.

To learn more about the NWan-comm group, please visit

To start sending messages to members of this group, simply
send email to

If you do not wish to belong to NWan-comm, you may
unsubscribe by sending an email to

To see and modify all of your groups, go to


John P, moderator, NWan-comm
Yeah, this has been tried 10.Apr.2002 12:24


Yeah...but lets study our history. Any time this sort of thing has been tried the Socialists-Communists end up getting all of the power into their hands and becoming another dictatorship or fascist state. A good case in point is the Spanish Civil War.
This is because Communists, or at least most of them are not truelly revolutionary, they only want to see the revolution go so far and then stop. Because they are in fact statists. There can be no freedom without the total removal of the state and all of its repressive tentacles.

Not what they mean 10.Apr.2002 20:58


The message doesn't mean Anarchist/Communist ( i.e. anarchist and communist) it refers to the strain of anarchism called anarcho-communism, arguably the largest strain of anarchism. Rest assured anarcho-communists are totally against any form of a state.