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Massacre in Jenin

An excerpt from Bill's weekly "WW 3 Report". Archives of the weekly compilations from world-wide news sources can be found at:  http://www.worldwar3report.com/ . Credit author please.

April 6 the Palestine Red Crescent Society reported at least 30
civilians killed in the Jenin refugee camp, with total casualties of
over 100. Eyewitnesses report IDF bulldozers leveling homes with the
families inside. Al-Awda News: "Many victims are buried under rubble,
while scores others have been torn to pieces by the exploding tank
shells; dozens others have bled to death inside their homes and in
front of their traumatized family members.... Since the early hours of
the morning, Israeli Apache helicopters and tanks have been bombarding
the densely populated refugee camp, where at least 150,00 people reside
in an area that barely reaches 1 square kilometer." The report said
Israeli F-16 fighter jets have bombarded the camp, "in an offensive
clearly meant to exact the maximum number of civilian casualties." IDF
dozers reportedly unearthed a mass grave of February dead, strewing
bodies across the streets. Accounts are cited of Israeli tanks crushing
wounded bodies. Israeli troops are also accused of announcing a
cease-fire to allow women and the elderly to get water, only to seize
them and strap them to armored vehicles to demand the surrender of
Palestinian fighters and security forces.

In a telephone interview with Al-Jazeera TV, camp resident Umm Jihad
said: "The shelling has not stopped. We are all cornered in our homes,
unable to sleep, move, or help those who are pleading...as they bleed
in the camp's streets... When we called health officials to ask for
help, we were informed that the occupation soldiers confiscated the
ambulances' keys... No one is intervening to save our children, who are
dying in front of our own helpless eyes." (Al-Awda News, April 6;

Jernin's three modest hospitals are now without electricity or water. A
hospital in Jenin came under fire in a battle between Israeli and
Palestinian forces, as the Red Cross struggled to evacuate the ill and
wounded. The ICRC, World Health Organization and the UN agency for
Palestinian refugees all reported deaths due to Israeli forces stopping
rescuers getting through. (UK Independent, April 6) At press time,
missile strikes on Jenin have been reported (NY Daily News, April 8).

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More from WW3 report 09.Apr.2002 09:55



In Nablus, the West Bank's biggest city, fierce fighting rocks the market, or casbah, where Palestinian fighters are making a stand. The commander of the IDF Paratroopers Brigade, Colonel Aviv Kochavi, said his troops had killed over 30 armed Palestinians in house-to-house fighting over the weekend. (Haaretz, April 7). Eight Palestinians were
killed and 24 wounded in Nablus earlier in the week, before Palestinian fighters massed in the casbah, the oldest section of the besieged city--crammed into streets too narrow for Israeli armored vehicles. (F2 Network, April 6) The IDF moved into Nablus the night of April 3, also
occupying Tul Karm, Qalqiliya, Salfit, Tamun, Tubas, Theiser, and Faro. (Haaretz, April 4)


Israeli soldiers March 31 shot US-born Palestinian Suraida Saleh in Ramallah as she held her 9-month-old baby in her lap while driving to safety with her husband. They were headed for her father's house after hearing shooting near their home. Reached on the phone in Ramallah, her father Farhan Mohammed Saleh, told Amy Goodman of Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now! that Israeli soldiers ordered the husband to stop the car and immediately opened fire. He said Suraida was shot in the head and chest. The husband, badly wounded, was let go. He took the baby from his dead wife and stumbled to the home of his father-in-law, where
he collapsed. With the Ramallah morgue overflowing and Israeli soldiers preventing anyone from reaching the cemetery, Saleh said he was forced to bury his daughter in the hospital parking lot--alongside dozens of
other Palestinians. When Goodman contacted the State Department's Office of Consular Affairs, she was told the Department was aware that Suraida Saleh was a US citizen, but did not plan to take any action.
Details of Suraida's death were obtained by American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice (www.global-peace.org). Despite repeated faxes and
e-mails to the world media, only Goodman picked up the story. (Democracy Now!, April 3)


Dima Sinafta, a 14-year-old Palestinian girl, was watching from the balcony of her home as the tanks advanced into Tubas. Witnesses said she was killed when tank fire hit the balcony. In Hebron, eight-year-old Ahmed Srayer received second-degree burns when Israeli helicopters fired rockets down the street where he was playing. The target was apparently Islamic Jihad militant Ziyad Shuweiki, who was in
a car on the street but ran for it and escaped. The local hospital said 11 bystanders were injured. (UK Independent, April 6) IMC Palestine reported April 4 that a newborn baby died at the Dheishe UN Medical Clinic because IDF soldiers would not allow the ambulance passage to the hospital. (jerusalem.indymedia.org)

U.S. "official" statements contradictory 09.Apr.2002 10:19

still horrified and also pissed

More from WW3 report #28:


"Operation Defensive Wall," as the IDF has dubbed it, is Israel's biggest offensive in the Palestinian territories in 34 years of occupation. The Cabinet meeting that approved the invasion March 28--a day after the bloody Passover suicide attack (see WW3 REPORT #27)--called for maximum "pressure" to be exerted on Arafat. For Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, this meant neutralizing Arafat in his compound to "break the chain of terror" allegedly linking him to the Palestinian militias. For Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, it meant
forcing Arafat to "accept and implement immediately" the cease-fire proposal submitted to him last week by US envoy Anthony Zinni. Sharon said, "Arafat, who established a coalition of terror against Israel, is
an enemy and at this stage will be isolated." (Graham Usher for al-Ahram Egypt, April 5) The Palestinians rejected Zinni's proposal as a "one-sided" cease-fire which allowed the Israelis to continue attacks. (UK Guardian, April 4)

A senior Israeli security official told the Washington Post April 3 that Israel intends to hunt down a number of Arafat's top political and security lieutenants. Meanwhile, IDF troops laid siege to the Ramallah headquarters of the Palestinian Preventive Security Service--until now
a principal point of contact for Palestinian security cooperation with both Israel and the CIA, whose Director George Tenet is pushing a peace
plan predicated on re-establishing security contacts. Wrote the Post's Lee Hockstader: "Mr. Sharon seems to believe that Israel can stop Palestinian terrorism through its own force of arms--and that Mr. Arafat and his deputies eventually will be replaced by a more moderate
leadership willing to accept Mr. Sharon's plan for a 'long-term interim settlement' that would indefinitely extend Israeli control of East Jerusalem and most of the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

Ultra-hawk Daniel Pipes, director of the US-based Middle East Forum, wrote in the Jerusalem Post April 3 that Israel should "achieve a comprehensive military victory over the Palestinians, so that the latter give up their goal of obliterating it... Ending the Palestinian
assault will be achieved not through some negotiated breakthrough, but by Palestinians...concluding that their effort to destroy the Jewish state will fail, and so give up this ambition... There is a war under way, but nearly all observers prefer to ignore this unpleasant reality,
preferring instead to suggest meaningless quick fixes. The time has come for them to face facts, which means finding ways to put a stop to Palestinian aggression."


The US media now portray a Bush White House newly engaged and determined to end the violence. On April 6, Bush told Israel it should stop its military operations "without delay," and dispatched US
Secretary of State Colin Powell to the region. Powell is due to arrive Monday, but says he has no plans to meet with Arafat. (BBC, April 7) And Bush's decisiveness may be too little too late.

Earlier, Powell said the Israeli offensive wouldn't work: "No matter how many tanks go through how many villages, at the end of this process
you will still have suicide bombers. Ultimately, the Israeli Defense Forces will...have to leave the occupied territories..." And then,
Israel will need Arafat because he "is the head of the Palestinian Authority, an organization that we helped create. He is seen as the leader of the Palestinian people. And it would not serve our purpose
right now to brand him individually as a terrorist." But, wrote the Washington Post: "Unfortunately, this honest analysis is entirely at odds with the Bush administration's behavior during the past week.
Though the secretary of state may be willing to publicly explain why the Israeli offensive is futile, President Bush and other senior officials have repeatedly blessed it. Even as Mr. Bush has rightly gone on repeating that it is up to Mr. Arafat to take action against the suicide bombers, he has not objected to Mr. Sharon's confinement of
him. The administration still says that it wants the Palestinians to accept the cease-fire plan developed by CIA Director George Tenet; but yesterday it did not protest when the Israeli army besieged the headquarters of the West Bank security force Mr. Tenet has worked with.
In effect, the administration acts as if it does not notice that Mr. Sharon's measures are destroying any chance of implementing US proposals for ending the violence." (washpost.com, April 3)

Powell also seems at odds with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who this week flatly ruled out sending US forces to help enforce a cease-fire between Palestinians and Israelis--a mechanism long favored
by the State Department. Rumsfeld then went on to accuse Iran, Iraq and Syria of "inspiring and financing a culture of political murder and suicide bombing" in Israel. Rumsfeld in late December endorsed Sharon's
view that Arafat was a "terrorist." (Asia Times, April 3)

The White House is reportedly demanding an Israeli declaration of a freeze on settlements in the West Bank, a recommendation of the Mitchell report (basis of the Tenet plan). But as Powell met with Sharon April 7, Haaretz cited Israeli government sources that the IDF
could withdraw from areas where it "cleaned up the terrorist
infrastructure" even "without handing over the area to a Palestinian security force." One IDF official cited the need to rebuild infrastructure as justifying a long-term Israeli presence.