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Global Decision of World Destiny

We see the world at a crossroad where we are either going to go forward towards restoration or backwards to the point of destroying the earth itself. It is said today that one billion two hundred forty thousand people on this earth live on less than one dollar per day. This is 20% of the world population of 6.2 billion people. At the other extreme there are about 500 people on the earth who consider themselves worth more than 1,000 million dollars. Their combined wealth of just these 500 individuals is estimated to be about 1.5 trillion dollars.
Global Decision of World Destiny
Global Decision of World Destiny
King Solomon's Temple was overlaid with gold and had many ornaments make of pure gold, but in contrast we have the temple of Ezekiel measured out in the Bible as a blue print for building in Ezekiel chapters 40 to 48 and there is not the mention of one piece of gold. The reason appears to be that it will be make of pure gold. The second chapter of Haggai speaks of what may be done in this generation and says that the glory of the latter temple will be much greater than the former temple. Haggai says that all the gold and the silver belong to the Lord.

In any discussion of the future of Gold, or of the price of Gold, the first thing that must be realized is that Gold is a political metal. In the true meaning of the word, its price is "governed" to protect the value of world currencies.

Every nation's currency is also governed and manipulated by the Central Banks. Fractional reserve banking allows these central banks to lend many times the amount their actual value in assets. This allows the banks to create money in the form of credit and earn interest payments on money they do not have.

This is so for the very simple reason that Gold in its historical role as a currency is fundamentally incompatible with the modern worldwide financial system. Gold is a standard of value that is recognized as stable and more secure than any fiat monetary system not convertible to coinage.

Let Gold be the World Standard of currency as a symbol of unity and faith of all people upon the earth. Let this be a symbol of spirituality rather than a symbol of religion. People of most religions agree that there was a creator of heaven and earth. Let the Temple mount be a symbol of the God of Creation where all truth is tested freely in the love of all humanity. In the equal right and standard of all people even if they have disagreements in their present understanding.

Let all the gold of all the nations be taken and deposited on the Temple mount in Jerusalem for everyone to see. Rather than securing this treasure with guards and steel let the world treasures be seen by the people of the world. Let lights and cameras show this gold to the world continuously and let the eyes of the world be the security.

Let the first foundation stone of the Temple be of pure gold as the world watches the progress of the temple being build of pure gold. Let the world see the change taking place that will bring equality and prosperity to all people.

It is said today that one billion two hundred forty thousand people on this earth live on less than one dollar per day. This is 20% of the world population of 6.2 billion people. At the other extreme there are about 500 people on the earth who consider themselves worth more than 1,000 million dollars or multi-billionares. Their combined wealth of just these 500 individuals is estimated to be about 1.5 trillion dollars.

The largest corporation in the United States is reported to have earned 210 billion dollars in the year 2,000. There are over 1,000 corporations in the United states alone that earn more than 1 billion dollars per year.

The point I am making is that the wealth of the world is held by a very small number of people who have the ability to chart the course of world finances.

The present world supply of gold that is above ground is estimated to be 107,717 tons. This amounts to 6.893 billion ounces of gold world wide or about 2.68 trillion dollars in value based on $300.00 per ounce. This is $333. for every man woman and child now living upon the earth.

The present total world economy is estimated to be $450 Trillion dollars.

The following is an idea to accomplish the building of the Temple in Jerusalem with pure gold and be the basis of bringing peace to all people through prosperity. All the currency of the world to be collateralized or backed up by the Temple Gold making and structuring the Temple of the Lord for everyone to enjoy.

This plan is to establish a 100 year economic plan to secure the needs of every individual living upon the earth. This would be a perpetual plan where there would be an expansion of 1% paid to the Central banks by all individuals on each years total income. The gold for the Temple of God in Jerusalem will act as the treasury of the central bank of the world where blessings will flow to all people living upon earth.

The concept would be to establish a 100 year world economic system using 100,000 Trillion dollar economy of 1,000 Trillion dollars per year for 100 years. The over all value of 7 billion ounces of gold reserves to be built and used in the construction of the Lord's Temple would be to established as a 100 year value of $1,666,666. dollars per ounce of this special class of gold used in the Temple. This would establish a 100 year world economy to be dispersed at $1,000 Trillion per year. Approx. 70% of the annual individuals fixed income would be perpetual and standard for all individuals. Approx. 30% would be paid on the open market by the individuals.

A 10 lb. brick of gold would be valued at $373,333,120.00 per gold brick. The total number of bricks would be 218,750,000 which would be the collateral for the total world economy.

This will open up a surge in world wide gold mining.


TEMPLE GOLD STANDARD = $1,166,000.00 per oz.

There would be two separate values of gold there would be the market value of gold used for jewelry that would remain at market value, and there would be the value of the temple gold that will be the basis of the currency which will stay at a fixed rate for the entire millennial time period.

All the gold reserves of the world would be given over to the structure of the temple and would be divided evenly among all the people of the earth.


This world trust would be owned by every individual citizen of the world and would be a perpetual nontransferable value to be paid to each person over their life time in The form of living necessities. Each and every person will have the security of a living standard, including housing, food, clothing, medical, utilities, transportation and a net spendable monthly income.

All this gold would be purchased from the banks and governments of the world for the jewelry gold price of $300.00 per oz. After the purchase of all the world gold reserves temple gold back currency or paper money valued at 5555 times the market value. All the gold would be collected allowing each person in the world to have an credit of temple credit. Every man woman and child would be endowed with a credit of $1,666,666.66. In other words every living person would have a equal letter of credit of non transferable credit for 100 years of 16,666.66 per year. This 1,388.75 per month is guaranteed and protected for each individual to provide all the necessities of life. This is a temple blessing paid to every individual upon the earth. $1,000.00 each month is paid directly by the Temple Trust to Provide all the necessities and $388.00 is paid directly to the individual so they can spend it in any desired purchase beyond the necessities of life.

A $200,000.00 home would be financed by the Central bank and would be paid back over a 100 year period with payments of $166.67 per month. A 50,000.00 automobile would be paid back over 15 years at $27.78 per month.

On a gradual basis all world economies would change to this temple standard.

A Gold Centered Municipal Trust Company would be an entity of mutual corporate ownership to establish self sustaining communities of all types of business's all over the world. These communities would be duplicated in all countries. The purpose is to establish a new world environment.

All business enterprises would be owned by the Temple Central Bank Trust and all employed individuals would receive the same salary regardless of job or responsibility. Each person would be adapted to the jobs they are most suited to and could be trained in many different occupations to give freedom of movement vocationally as well as globally.

We are a chosen generation to bring forth the Kingdom of God on earth. This will be done through the power of the Holy Spirit and not by might nor by power.

This is a chosen generation that is called to change the world into a kingdom of the Lord as he originally planned. This can only be done by letting the creator himself have total reign and rule over all matters.

This can begin with a single community that will be a standard, creating equality, far greater than equal opportunity or private enterprise is capable of doing.

All the Gold and silver according to scripture belongs to the Lord and will be the basic monetary exchange.

In this new Kingdom Economic system all interest rates will be eliminated as well as all lending practices. The Central Bank would be the only lender and it would not be allowed to charge interest but would be allowed to charge every individual a standard 1% annual service fee on each individuals total income. This system will have no class barriers and will give everyone free access to all assets of the entire community. Including any requirements of housing, education, transportation, enmities and blessing necessary for everyone's joy and happiness.

Entering such a community requires giving everything away to the Temple Central Bank so that you are able to receive more. Everyone will have a position and duty of responsibility. Each duty is important to the structure and management of the community as a living organism operating for the enjoyment and necessity of the entire community.

The standard of being a far greater blessing to give than to receive will eliminate envy, pride, and egotistical thinking.

The governing principal called the Plumb Line System will be the operation of the Spirit working through seven eyes. This is the system where wealth is gained through giving and power is gained through submission. The more one gives away the more he receives and the more one submits the more power he is given. Everyone will want to give to the giver and submit to the submissive.

The management and the operation of this entity will be through each one doing his or her duty of designated responsibility and authority of giving and submitting.

All the requirements of life food, housing and transportation will be given abundantly and freely. The giving will be redistributed, flowing constantly from the people to the trust to the municipality to the people and back to the trust again.

The principality will serve the people and the people will serve the principality. All improvements and the economy will be constantly on an expansion plan with a constant increase in size and blessings through out the entire earth.

Wars are fought because of greed and trying to control the movement of others. With the standard of equality for all people and total freedom, the mindset of each individual will be to help and share in order to receive. The motivation for war and conflict will be greatly eliminated.

To get such a plan started is to get a commitment of finances that will allow everyone else to add to the finances by giving all their assets upon entering into the community.

The spiritual structure of the Plumb line principal should be established to operate in every head of every authority with the chain of authority going throughout each department or entity within the community.

These seven eyes are actually seven individuals who have the spiritual sensitivity of a prophet and are operating under the authority and position of the prophetic position. Each one will be dedicated to hearing and speaking the words of the Spirit to the administrators responsible for carrying out the daily work of operations.

All administrators will make all decisions under this intuitive spiritual standard with direction coming from the Spirit speaking through seven Prophetic seers.

The administrator of the Municipal Trust company will establish this principal in the initial purchases of lands, in planning and development and construction from the point of beginning.

What's in store for this generation?

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eh? 09.Apr.2002 10:18

antayla antayla@hotmail.com

With all due respect, this is the silliest thing I've heard in awhile. You do realize that this would be the "one world government" controlling all commerce that is supposed to happen according to the bible? It's nice to see people brainstorming, but really... (btw, I'm agnostic, if you care :)