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Be prepared for A20! Black Cross trainings at Seattle IMC

Medic trainings in Seattle by the Portland Black Cross Health Collective
Training in Seattle on Sunday April 14th. @ the Seattle IMC
By the Black Cross Health Collective from Portland.


10 AM-1 PM Basic health and safety for affinity group medics. (Will include chemical weapons (pepper spray and tear gas), what to bring and wear, how to work as part of a 1st Aid team)

2-6 PM 1st Aid for demonstrations and police riots. Black Cross Health Collective training for people with some experience and desire to work in 1st Aid affinity groups. Hands-on and small group practice.

Be there it should be fun!

homepage: homepage: http://www.blackcrosscollective.org

PDX 09.Apr.2002 14:14


Would it be possible to have a similar training session in Portland before the 20th? I know there are a lot of people going up to Seattle, and we would all benefit from having some training before hand..

Black Cross Health Collective at your service 10.Apr.2002 00:23

First Aid Spice

Black Cross Health Collective is training people in Seattle for A20 because individuals and collectives up there asked us to do so. Seattle people also set up and have publicized the events, including posting on IndyMedia.
Since Portland is our home base, of course we are happy to do trainings here. We have also shown up at demonstrations, picket lines, marchs, direct actions and wherever we can assist or are asked. It is hard to think of an activist,anarchist or community organizing event in the last two years of any size in Portland that we have missed. Since we have done trainings all over the continent, we would certainly do so here.
If you want a training to happen in Portland, you can easily contact us via our website or email address in the first post for Black Cross Health Collective. We will ask the same of you that we did of Seattle folks: secure a space and do the publicity. We'll do the training.
Generally, it has been true that events that are likely to be large or militant or expect police attack have contacted us well in advance.
If that is true of A20 in Portland you should contact us immediately.

P.S. Some of us don't respond well to anonymous posts. A name and phone number or email address goes a long way in arranging a training.