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A20- Police pressure SCCC to shutdown!!!

A20 under attack- rise up, fight back-
Seattle Central Community College has been pressured by the SPD to shutdown the campus for A20 events in seattle. The events scheduled for SCCC (all of which are still going on) are a teach-in at 2PM- A free Reclaim The Streets Party at 4PM and 2 marches (one permitted, one not) against the IMF/WB/WTO/War etc at 6PM. This is a unprecendented attack on free speech rights. All classes and lectures for the day will be cancelled. The school will be locked up! over a month ago students reserved room for a teach-in on the G8. Presentors are coming from Canada to educate people on the G8's effects on workers, women, debt relief, etc. The school has broke the agreement with the student club, has violated there labor agreement with the faculty, and are clearly abridging peoples free speech rights! Fight back- please call or email the president of sccc President Mitchell and tell him not to cave into the SPD's pressure to disrupt the events on A20-

Charles Mitchell at  cmitch@sccd.ctc.edu to demand he upholds our constitutional right to assemble and not crumble under police demands.
2. Pass this story along to a friend. And if you live in travelling distance of Seattle, PLEASE COME TO A20 TO ASSURE EVERYONE'S SAFETY AND MAXIMIZE OUR EFFICACY!
3. Also email Lexie Evans ( leevan@sccd.ctc.edu) the Student Programs Coordinator to support students rights!
what a bunch of assholes- 08.Apr.2002 20:08


I can't believe the college is going to close just because the cops want them to- theres no way they would get away with that shit here- hell no. It's good people are fighting it. It should bring a lot more people out if people are playing it right in the media.

I hope a lot of angry people are emailing this guy mitchell

See you on a20 seattle-

Now who do they work for? 10.Apr.2002 00:12


Does anyone still believe that government represents your freedom or democracy?