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stop the terror

stop the terror
Why do the so called left/anarchast of this country or who ever they call themselves support UN and Us propagnada regarding Israel. I thought you guys were smarter than that now you support the regime you supposadly hate. If Bush had his way he would withdraw from israel becasue his cronie bb laden the oil guy hates jews and wishes to see them all dead. Why does the left support a fascist regime like this . You guys have gone so extreme you are the fascist. I am Am American Jew and the Arab world was apart of my perception before 9-11. Why now why do you take such an interest now? We are bombing innocent people in afgansitan. Where is the reporting on this. For some reason you have been brainwashed by the palestinian cause which on the surface looks really valid. BUt the truth is most palestinan refuggees were kicked out of Jordan and lebannon. The lebanese took their land because they are terrrorist I repeat terrrorist and they did not want them to live in their country. So they blame the whole thing on the Jews. Stop using the Jews as a scape goat for world propblems. Israel has been at odds with the world govenment since the beggining. Remeber ISrael was named by the world or UN in a time when Jews were being tortured and gased all over the world including in middle east. This is were the terms Zionism equals fascism stems from--the UN named it in order to keep the Jews suppressed and segregated from support. These issues are very complicated please do not read everything from face value and find many sources to compare arguments. Israel is not a fascist state. ISrael is trying to make a safe home in a world of anti-jewish sentement. The Plaestinians should be the ones under persecution for letting there neighbors do terrorist acts and suicide bombings and attacking Jewish children. What is Israels options in order to save their people. The Palestinans have never done anthing to make peace. Arafat had the opportunity in1999 to agree to terms of a palestinian state but all he wants to see is all The Jews dead. I hope the left does not agree with this and I hope they start defending this becasue you are loosing a lot of support because I will not walk in line at a wto rally that is screaming this garbage their will be a fight at the rally if one of these terrorist comes over to me with a anti-jews flag or zionism =fascism. My whole family was killed murdered by crazy propganda shit like this.
And whole families of palestians 08.Apr.2002 13:35


are being murdered using the same racist, fascist rhetoric. You insist that being anti-Israel is the same as being anti-Jewish. Fact is, most of the "leftists" you're venting at now would have been the same people yelling and rallying to try to save your (Jewish) family from the Nazi fascists.

The Liberal Dillema 08.Apr.2002 14:10

Peace man

Well, guess where those leftists who would have demonstrated against
Nazi germany were during WW II. You're right, the germans took them over
with very little resistance (French, Belguim...). Luckily, Britain
and the US were strong enough to save the world, not before 6 millions Jews were murdered. The Middle ast crisis is not just an Israeli problem. It is a problem that the free world has to address. We can say it's a Jewish problem, wait a few years and have that war over here, too.
There is a big different between sendin people to blow themselves up among
childeren and women and sending an army to clean those who organize and supply the detonation belts to the whacked "depressed" Palestinians.
I guess those Saudis and Egyptians that took down the WTO were just a little bit depressed. If every depressed person here would blow himslef up on the
streets there would probably not much left.

Learn to smell 08.Apr.2002 16:11


revisionist history combined with bad grammar, punctuation and spelling ... you really do work for the gov't don't you?

anti-Israel does not equal anti-Jew 08.Apr.2002 21:55

eyes that see

to be against the current Israeli invasion of Palestine, and against Israeli expansionist policies in general, is to be against the corporate colonialism that is U.S. foreign policy, and no more. The U.S. has funded Israel as its favorite client state in order to keep a foothold in the oil-rich Middle East. That many of the residents of Israel are Jewish, or that the country was founded by the UN to be a Jewish homeland, is immaterial to the corporate interests of the U.S. Pro-Israel does not equal pro Jewish and anti-Israel does not equal anti-Jewish. It's all about oil and capitalism. It's too bad that some anti-Semites use this issue to further their cause and it's too bad that some corporate liberals lie and say that supporting Israel is about supporting Jews, when the ethnic make-up of that country is irrelevant.