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Have room for April 20th protestors

Can accomodate up to 20 people. Call 202 421 6873
Can accomodate up to 20 people. Call 202 421 6873
Security questions in the information age 08.Apr.2002 12:43

Paranoid, and for good reasons

OK, probably this guy's totally legit. But what's to stop a cop from posting this sort message? How do we tell the difference? Websites from big anti-globalization protests have been listing housing and ride offers - how do we do this kind of necessary networking in a secure manner? At the RNC in Philly, cops posed as union activists and gave would-be lock-downers a ride straight to jail. What better way to spy on up to 20 people (that's two or 3 affinity groups) than to put them up in your house? I'm not trying to call anyone a cop, I'll leave that to your individual best judgement. Rather, I'm hoping to provoke serious debate about security issues. One idea is if you have housing or rides to offer, try to network with people you can trust or with people who have been vouched for by people you can trust.

good question 09.Apr.2002 08:06

what I would do

the only way that i would trust an offer of this nature is to know people who know this person. in other words be in full awareness that this person is legit and can be vouched for by a number of people that I trust.

The Force 09.Apr.2002 12:45


Use the Force, Luke. Don't let fear turn you to the Dark Side...

Once you let the Dark Side in, the terrorists win.

DOn't tHink 09.Apr.2002 14:11


I believe that a tight security culture should be followed at
all times, to ignore state infiltration, or merely forget how
COINTELPRO ripped apart most of the liberation movements
in the past would be to doom the slim chances the movement has now. Although it would seem rude or akward, I would definatly check to make sure the person is reputable, if they are who they say they are, and they understand the importance of 'security culture' tactics, i'm sure they won't be too offended...and even if they get all pissed off, atleast you will have saved yourself from possible jail time

Paranoid 10.Apr.2002 22:35

not a cop, or a paranoid idiot

Come on guys, you're getting crazy idiot paranoid here. Who cares if it is a cop? Whats he going to arrest you for? Try to avoid making statements like "I'm going to kill the President" and you should be OK, don't you think?

If this guy can help house 20 people, who otherwise wouldn't have been involved, let him. Anyone dumb enough to discuss planned illegal activitys is no big loss anyway.

Security means protecting your interests; Starts with knowing what your best interests are. The Police arresting someone for merely planning to attend a demonstration is worthy of a lawsuit, and media attention. Would be an ideal platform to effect change, don't you think?

So actually it would be better if it WAS a cop... IF you can use your head.

Idiocy masqurading as "Security Conciousness" is idiocy whether it's the cops or you. Think you're better than them? Great. Prove it.