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Denver City Council Resolution

Something that was posted as a comment awhile back. Shows the city council in Denver sees there is a problem with their kops.
Denver opposes PATRIOT act
by me 9:19am Thu Mar 21 '02

Just heard this on KBOO this morning! Denver city council passed a "resolution" (not a law) opposing violation of our civil liberties on a federal level, via the PATRIOT ACT, as well as on a local level, in the form of local civil policies, including the fact that over 3400 files have been kept on activities of protesters and activists by the denver police. The files include a quaker group called American Friends Service Committee, Amnesty INt'l, and End the Politics of Cruelty, these being called "criminal groups" in the files. Now Denver police can (supposedly) only keep files on people if they have a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity and an independent reviewer(?) will supposedly be purging files that have been wrongfully kept.

Additionally, the resolution encourages reduced cooperation with Federal authorities, specifically condemning the part in the PATRIOT act that allows the INS to detain immigrant suspects for 7 days, stating that this resembles McCarthy a nd Cointelpro era. Further the resolution states that there is no justification strong enough to remove constitutional civil rights from any people living in the U.S. especially focusing on the loss of the 1st and 4th amendment rights being violated regularly since Sept. 11th

This resolution represents one major overt statement of dissent that (more clearly than was done by the Portland City Council) challenges the Bush Administration intent within the PATRIOT act. This is not a city ordinance, and therefore has little power, but, just as the Mayor of Salem and the Salem city council are passing a resolution declaring Salem a "violence-free zone", this resolution shows the sentiment of the city of Denver city council at the very least, and hopefully represents a majority of Denver residents as well... A good first step.