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Anything happening in Portland for April 20?

Is anything planned in Portland for April 20 in solidarity with the Stop The War March on Washington?
There was a flurry of letters a few weeks ago arguing that since Seattle was planning an event, Portland shouldn't, etc, but have heard nothing since. It would be useful to have a Portland rally; is there any interest?
Int'l Day of Action - Music & Street March 06.Apr.2002 18:32


I got a flier yesterday @ the rally downtown that says there will be a Music & Street march

1pm on Saturday, April 20
@ Holladay Park (NE 11th & Multnomah, next to Lloyd Ctr)

Says to "Bring drums and raise your voice!"

I vote for kazoos too.

Portland A20 Info 06.Apr.2002 20:34

Socialist Party of Oregon mcsp@nwlink.com

From an earlier post:

DATE: April 20, 2002
TIME: 1:00 P.M.
LOCATION: Holladay Park (by Lloyd Center, between NE Holladay & Multnomah)

On Saturday, April 20th people in cities around the world will march, rally, protest and generally agitate against Bush's phony "war on terror." Now in its sixth month, the ever-expanding war has caused untold suffering for thousands of people -- mostly the poor and people of color living in the so-called "third world." Meanwhile, here at home, Bush and his gang are doing their best to destroy any pretense of democracy.

Join with fellow Portlanders in solidarity with demonstrations in Washington, DC, Seattle, New York, and many other cities, to demand the end to this unwinnable spiral of violence and planetary destruction. Meet at Holladay Park (by Lloyd Center, between NE Multnomah and NE Holladay) at 1:00 P.M. for a rally, then a march at 2:00. Bring drums, music, costumes, banners, signs, street theater -- or just come as you are! For more information, or to find out how to get involved, please call: 503-740-9947 or 503-235-7963.

Meditation Vigil at 12:30 06.Apr.2002 22:18

Heidi Enji Hoogstra enji@earthlink.net

There will be a meditation vigil at 12:30, so arrive early and manifest peace in yourself and in solidarity with the peace vigils across the country.

down with state socialism 07.Apr.2002 17:08


yes, another chance to build the party!!!

Not a Party Event 08.Apr.2002 18:57

anti-party, anti-state

Look, I promise it's not just a Socialist Party thing. There are lots of excellent (and non-party) folks involved, and it's a fairly important day of action. My advice? Go, and make sure you bring your own sign(s).