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PDX Survival Research Laboratories show?

So I know we have bigger things on our plates these days, but someone in the portland area really should take this group up on their offer of a free show sometime ... though the setup requests look pretty hairy, Mark Pauline, SRL's main man, says it's all negotiable.
PDX Survival Research Laboratories show?
PDX Survival Research Laboratories show?
Survival Research Laboratories was conceived of and founded by Mark Pauline in November 1978. Since its inception SRL has operated as an organization of creative technicians dedicated to re-directing the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations in practicality, product or warfare. Since 1979, SRL has staged over 45 mechanized presentations in the United States and Europe. Each performance consists of a unique set of ritualized interactions between machines, robots, and special effects devices, employed in developing themes of socio-political satire. Humans are present only as audience or operators.

Due to the increasing difficulty of securing sites for SRL events due to pre-show intervention by Fire Inspectors, SRL is now offering full scale events for FREE. All funding will be secured through SRL internal channels. All a local promoter has to do is secure a suitable location and acquire permits that will assure that the fire and Police departments will not ruin the fun. After that, SRL will show up and raise holy hell in your town. SRL will need 8 weeks of pre-show prep time once a site and permits are secured. Two weeks on-site time prior to event. Offer good in continental US only. Interested parties should contact SRL Director Mark Pauline at  markp@srl.org for further information.

SRL is always looking for promoters, sponsorship, and donations, either financial or for hardware, software, equipment, etc. to help in producing a show. At first glance some of the requirements listed may seem expensive but in our experience can actually be fulfilled for free or at low cost through donations, sponsorships, etc. Those parties interested in assisting should bear in mind that the requirements listed below are only a guideline and that SRL is ever ready to negotiate a deal.




Permits to use large flame devices and explosives, and to generate extremely loud noises must be obtained from the local authorities (fire and police Departments). These permits must allow for a testing period of 10 days prior to the event, preferably with a 24 hour activity provision. Permits of this type are known as a "variance", which is what would be issued to the special effects division of a feature film production. An informal understanding between the authorities and the promoters is sometimes acceptable, if the relationship is long standing and stable.


Two weeks on site, M. Pauline & SRL video director & (1) assistant/ manager, arrive 5 days prior to crew.


Twenty to forty people, ranging from specialists in electricity, electronics, machining, rigging, welding, mechanics, and computers, to those with general experience in theatrical prop fabrication, sculpture, painting, and simple use of hand tools. One of these should be familiar with the site and the city and capable of acting as sponsor's technical director. SRL will bring a crew of 15 people, excluding M. Pauline, video director, plus (1) manager/assistant.


If outdoor, a wind protected site is preferable, as well as nearby covered area for show setup. Size of site should start at around 150' by 300'. Site must be accessible 24 hr. a day and secured by professional security guards when SRL crew is not present. A 400 amp power Supply available for tie in or a 100 amp generator (for set up only, see below for show generator requirements) will be required. Running water, toilets, an office with phone, desk, and a couch should be on site upon arrival of M. Pauline & manager/assistant.


Bleacher seating for 3000 to 4000 people is preferable but not required.


220 V. 400 amp 3 phase power panel convenient to performance area ( within 75 ft.) or (1) 150 KW generator, diesel powered 3 ph. type, with fuel for 12 hrs., with distribution boxes and a large single phase line (#4 wire) to our step down transformer. Film production type (sound suppressed) is probably necessary because of closed in nature of performance area. (2) Auxiliary generators are required for performance, and must be in place 4 days prior to show, supplied with distribution boxes and cables. Tesla Coil and Taser require dedicated generators. Tesla Coil needs 480 volt three-phase generator with 48 kilowatts, generator must be non-computer controlled type. Taser requires 220 volt, 20 kilowatt generator, also non- computer controlled type. Eight ft. copper grounding rods must be supplied and installed for all generators.


200 amps of three-phase 220 volt service ( to be available for the full week of on site preparations and clean-up) w/ distribution boxes and cables.


For set-up period, quartz work lights preferable, metal halide or incandescent OK. About 10k total in assorted sizes. Lights must be set-up for lighting run through 3 days before performance.. Video director will provide additional details on specific performance requirements.


Nearby apartments or hotel/motel for core SRL crew, single rooms preferable, sleeping arrangements on site for several persons. Trailer accomodations on site OK if powered and equipped w/running water.


Two forklifts, one 3 ton high lift, and one 2 ton high lift, (1) air compressor 100 cfm 150 psi., (1) snorkel lift, support vehicles: , (1) small truck , cars. Trucks and cars must be available throughout set-up period.


(10) CO2, 15 lb. size or equivalent. Available for duration of setup, performance, and breakdown. One fire hose for connection to water supply, reaching across the performance area is desirable.


(5) heavy duty tables for sound and lighting control area for testing. About 250 Sq. ft. of heavy work tables for shop and preparation area.


(165) gallons gasoline for performance. 100 gallons of diesel if flame generators used. Ongoing need for fuels during


Oxygen and acetylene for cutting and Shock Wave Cannon. 280 cf oxygen, 190 cf acetylene. (6) Carbon dioxide beverage carbonation tanks, or a site that will refill SRL tanks.


5000 watt, stereo preferable, w/ mixing board.


Sponsor is asked to assist in finding old but operable industrial, military, or scientific equipment that may be adapted and used in the performance.


For each performance SRL requires large quantities of donated materials in used condition such as metal lumber, glass panels, food, animal by-products [usually road-kill ... used in an emblematic context], and other objects which may be readily available and in some way indigenous to the region.


(2) flatbed tractor trailers. One 24' Box truck rental.

homepage: homepage: http://www.srl.org/