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David Barsamian Headlines an Evening Program on Reclaiming Public Broadcasting

David Barsamian, prominent critic and author of the recent book, 'The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting,' headlines a program sponsored by Friends of Public Boroadcasting to get Oregonians involved in shaping the future of public broadcasting in their communities. The program is being co-sponsored by local action groups in four Oregon cities this month -
Portland on Tuesday, April 30th at the First Unitarian Church, SW 12th and Main
Eugene on Thursday, May 2nd at the First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive Street
Bend on Friday, May 3 at the Pilot Butte Middle School, 1501 NE Neff St.

Doors open at 7:00PM with the main program at 7:30PM. Admission is on a sliding scale from $ 5 -15.

"Public Broadcasting increasingly reflects the mentality of corporate America," says David Barsamian, journalist and producer of the public radio series, Alternative Radio, "Political interference and corporate money have undermined the original mission."

"If the public doesn't act to reclaim this important democratic resource, we will lose it altogether," adds Loren Sears, spokesman for Friends of Public Broadcasting (FOPB), a statewide public advocacy group. Read More