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Kroeker and L.A. - Now what?

Current Portland Chief of Police Mark Kroeker announced his plan to apply for Chief of Police of Los Angeles at a press conference last Monday (4/22). While the announcement may not have surprised many Portlanders or Angelenos -- given Ex-LA Police Chief Bernard Park's recent fall from grace or Kroeker's public exultations stating five years in Portland seems difficult to do -- it comes at a time when Assistant Chief Mark Paresi will also be leaving the department. With the two top positions open in PPB, will city government and the police department take this opportunity to gain the trust of Portland citizens?

As well documented by groups like Portland CopWatch and the Police Accountability Campaign (PAC-2000), Kroeker has a history of making homophobic, misogynistic statements and running away from creating a police force that works with the community and really is about serving and protecting the community. Does Kroeker actually have a real opportunity of replacing Bernard Parks in Los Angeles? Will Portland actually get a police chief responsive to the populace? Probably no to both questions. Gay and Lesbian groups in Los Angeles were able to nix his last bid for chief there and it seems he has a bigger battle this time around. Judging the hostility with which city hall has fought against having a citizen's review board for police crimes, it doesn't appear that currently a move to have a humane police chief is in the cards.
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