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New isssue of Wartime News out

From the Cascadia Media Collective in Eugene: "War Time News #7, our biggest and best issue yet is now ready to be downloaded in either pdf or Word doc format! This issue covers Israel's incursion into Palestine, the war in Colombia, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's call for an investigation into the White House's foreknowledge of 9-11, the Verichip microchip implant given FDA approval for human use earlier this month, the US Senate Bill to privatize our water supplies and a whole lot more! The back page is all good news from protests around the world. We've distributed several hundred around Eugene and through the mail, but we're sure you'll want to print one out, make a few copies yourself and get them to people hungry for real news about what's going on. WTN is guaranteed to make people both angry at those in power and hopeful about rising up from below.

"Also up today in the POSTERS section is our pamphlet about the Verichip implant, "Are You Ready To Get Chipped?" The pamphlet covers background, context and implications of this creepy new product for social control from Florida based Applied Digital Solutions. Great for passing out to right-wing folks you'd like to make friends with and lefties who think that state power is good! Just go to POSTERS from the front page.

"All our print materials glean info from corporate news sources (so you can trust them?!?)...we just look in the dark corners and put it all together."

'Subversive, Easy and Effective'
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Cascadia Media Collective