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Congresswoman McKinney Courageously Demands 9/11 Investigation: What Did the Bush Administration Know?

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has courageously dared to publically demand a thorough investigation into the events of 9/11 and whether the Bush administration had advance warning of the attacks and did not act upon them.

She has immediately been attacked on many fronts. The White House dismissed her requests with ridicule. On Capitol Hill, the response was more dramatic. Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga.) said all GOP members of the state delegation should sever communication with McKinney until she retracts her statements. Others have called her judgement and character into question, while others have demanded that she be investigated.

On Friday, 4/12, Congresswoman McKinney issued a further statement expanding on her previous comments. She presents a solid and cohesive argument saying; "We deserve to know what went wrong on September 11 and why. After all, we hold thorough public inquiries into rail disasters, plane crashes, and even natural disasters in order to understand what happened and to prevent them from happening again or minimizing the tragic effects when they do. Why then does the Administration remain steadfast in its opposition to an investigation into the biggest terrorism attack upon our nation?"

She goes on to say: "It should be easy for this Administration to explain fully to the American people in a thorough and methodical way why we are being asked to make these sacrifices and if, indeed, these sacrifices will make us more secure. If the Administration cannot articulate these answers to the American people, then the Congress must.

This is not a time for closed-door meetings and this is not a time for secrecy. America's credibility, both with the world and with her own people, rests upon securing credible answers to these questions. The world is teetering on the brink of conflicts while the Administration's policies are vague, wavering and unclear. Major financial conflicts of interest involving the President, the Attorney General, the Vice President and others in the Administration have been and continue to be exposed."

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