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Portland Freeskool Publishes May Schedule

The Portland Freeskool has come out with a May schedule for the activist and alternative art community in Portland.
The Portland Freeskool is an alternative educational project that believes education should be open to all people regardless of class and monetary position; that allows teachers to teach regardless of official state or corporate education qualifications; that understands that good teachers are also good students: teachers often learn from their students. What is required is knowledge in a certain area, the enthusiasm to teach it, and a respect for the students that have willingly joined the class. The Freeskool, like other Freeskools in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Eugene, Olympia and Seattle, also believes that real education is a path to resistance, organizing and liberation. The classes are currently held in various parts of Portland, including cafes, various Anarchist bookstores and in private homes. The Portland Freeskool is currently inquiring into sharing a type of semi-permanent space in order to hold classes in a central location. What we ask from the students is that they contact the teacher before deciding to attend a class, this way the teacher will prepare the class and will show up to teach because he/she knows that students will attend.

The Portland Freeskool was started as part of the Anarchist voice called "KIDS"; however, the Freeskool was cancelled for some time due to some of the members of KIDS that later went off travelling in other parts of the States. Last November, the Freeskool was rejuvenated by some local activists, artists and Anarchists in the Portland community. Since then, the Freeskool has offered a diverse program of classes each month, including: History of Islamic Civilization and Western Intervention, Crochet, Spanish Conversation, Radical Rhetoric, Silkscreening, Real History of the Black Panthers and the Yippies, Poetry Slamming, Math Study Hall, Bicycle Repair, Forest Activism and Homemade Wine Making. This month the Freeskool will continue with Mathematics, Spanish, Ancient and Medieval African History, Poetry Performance and Silkscreening. This month will also feature: Meditation and Rituals for Healing, Taoism and I Ching, and Tree Climbing Safety. The Portland Freeskool plans to hold parties and benefits for future projects; apply for foundation grants; and work with other alternative educational projects in Portland, such as the Red Rose School and the Portland Free Learning Operation. The Freeskool also has a need for other activists willing to help out, and with artists willing do some guerilla "publicity." For those interested in looking at the schedule for May, one should enter the FreeSkool Website, and any questions or comments should be directed to portlandfreeskool@riseup.net.

sounds great 27.Apr.2002 23:11

the burningman

It really does. But don't you think that public service announcements should maybe be "public service announcements" and not the lead bit. It's cool the cross-fertilization of ideas and all of us teaching each other. But everything isn't everything and this post, as the lead feature, isn't news.

If it is, I suspect you are not engaging a large enough section of the city and environs.

Best of luck.