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Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) events in May

Events at the Indpendent Publishing Resource Center in May !!

Amber Gayle & Abram Himelstein
Author Reading, 7pm @ Reading Frenzy

Underground publishing heroes Abram Himelstein (New Mouth from the Dirty South/Factory Direct) and Amber Gayle (Evil Twin Publications) will read from recent work, field questions and sign books. Free. For more information call Reading Frenzy at 503/274-1449.

IPRC Book Arts Group, 7:30-9pm @ IPRC

After a long hiatus, the IPRC Book Arts Group is back! Join us at this meeting to chat and plan our book arts group activities. Free.

DIY in PDX Book Meeting, 7:30pm @ IPRC

A public Scrapbook is being compiled to document DIY in PDX. The project will not be complete without the contributions of the community. Get involved! Come to find out more about the project and to solidify how you can participate. For more information visit www.tincansound.com/DIYinPDX.

Mimeograph Basics Workshop, 7-9pm @ IPRC

This workshop covers the basics of printing on AB Dick 411 and Print-o-Matic A2G mimeographs. Cost: $7 Member-users/$15 Non. Pre-registration is required. Register with a $5 deposit at the IPRC in person.

Orientation, 7pm @ IPRC

This orientation is open to the general public, new or prospective members of the IPRC. The available equipment & resources of the Center will be covered, in addition to the policies for using the IPRC. Required for new members. Free.

SATURDAY 5/11, 12noon-1pM @ IPRC
Press Room Training (not a workshop)

Due to the increased volume of print shop usage, this is a mandatory training for those of you who are printing often or unsupervised. The trainings will cover proper material & equipment usage, clean up and press maintenance. Quite a few things have changed in the print shop over the past year, and this is one way we can update you all. It's also a chance for you to increase your knowledge of the presses we have! Please let us know you will be attending.

Portland Book Arts Gathering, 6-8pm @ TBA

Please join us at a gathering of Portland area book artists, always the second tuesday of each month. It's an opportunity to meet other book artists, see their studios and their work, and show off and get feedback on your own recent work (completed or in progress). There are no minutes, agendas, or dues. All who work with books or in the book arts are invited. For more information contact: huota@mail.pdx.edu.

Linocut Workshop, 7-9pm @ IPRC

Learn the basics of linoleum block cutting and printing to make your own images. Bring your own mounted block (4' x 6' max), carving tools and demonstration will be provided. Pre-registration required. Cost: $10 Member-users/$20 Non Members. Register with a $5 deposit at the IPRC or by mail.

Camden Joy
Author Reading, 7-9pm @ Reading Frenzy

Camden Joy, author of The Last Rock Star and Boy Island, will read from selections from his recently published novellas -- Pan, Hubcap Diamondstar Halo, and Palm 13 (Highwater, 2001). Free. For more information call Reading Frenzy at 503/274-1449.