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Portland IWW Hall to Open May 1

Portland IWW will have an open house and benefit May 1st celebrating their new union hall.
The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW or Wobblies) are opening their new
union hall on Mayday, Wednesday, May 1st. There will be an open house/benefit starting at 7 PM. A short music set of IWW songs by local wobbly band the "Joe Hillbillies" will happen around 8PM.

The hall is located at 616 E. Burnside in Portland.

The IWW is a member run labor union founded in 1905. The IWW has a long history in Portland, organizing Saw mills, Longshore and cannery workers in the past; grocery, restaurant and social workers more recently. In 1916 the IWW hall was described as "The center of Portland culture" by Portland Journalist, John Reed (7 days that shook the world).

The IWW can be contacted at 503.231.5488
A question 28.Apr.2002 18:34


Is this the same event as the Blackthorn party? I'm confused about where this Blackthorn party is supposed to be, the feature says 311 Ivy. It doesn't say if it's in N, NE, etc., and I've never even heard of a street named Ivy. Could anybody clarify?

clarification 28.Apr.2002 22:18

PAPA jdevans13@qwest.net

Ivy runs parallel to Fremont, 1 block to the south, from irving park to just past Vancouver ave
These are not the same events

The more organizing venues the better! 06.May.2002 17:29

Christine Preucil

Two great new halls! The more the better! I haven't got to the IWW hall yet, I had the address wrong when I went a-searching for it the other day. The Blackthorn event was at Liberty Hall, on N. Ivy. I hope these two halls are the beginning of a trend of progressive-minded community organizing centers here in Portland. Every time I pass a large abandoned space, I imagine another organizing/music/neighbor hall.

It would be nice to see short follow-up reviews of the events listed on Portland Indymedia. I guess that's what these comment pages are for.

How did the IWW hall opening go? What hours are you open, you sell coffee, right?

Love, Chris