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If they don't take them back, then don't buy them!

Are you tire of stores that make it a hassle to return beverage containers?
Then don't buy them. Try this mild protest.
Another Saturday, cleaning house and taking the bottles back to the store--
I went to Safeway and none of their glass bottle return machines were working.
So I went inside and ordered some food at deli. I left the food at the customer service counter, and told the clerk I would buy it after the bottle machines were fixed. After waiting 20 minutes and machines were not fixed, I went back and told customer service to dump the food I was going to buy, because
I don't buy stuff at stores that don't take their bottles back.

Ok, this is not a dramatic issue like police brutality, or forests cut down. But I'm sick of the way stores violate the spirit of Oregon's bottle return law by making recycling a major hassle. The bottle count machines are usually filthy and out-of-order, and clerks are rude when you ask for help.

So the next time that a store won't take your bottles, leave a pile of food on the counter and tell the manager or clerk,"If you don't want to take them back,
I'm not going to buy them!"
Safeway sucks 12.Jul.2005 15:29


Safeway sucks...

Got to Albertsons...

I run the bottle machines at the store on 60th & Presscott, and we definately have the best bottle return policies...

If the machines arent working, we will hand count them...either way, you will get your money...