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Forest Activists Brave Snow and Cold, as Forest Campaign Heats Up

"Little did they know that once they got about a mile in that the snow-mobile track they had been walking in turned around and they were on their own. Let me tell you, the person in the lead paid for it, they switched off regularly, maybe every 50 steps. Even with snowshoes on they would sink into the snow to their knees. Then they'd have to pull their leg up and out to make the next step." "It was like climbing stairs for about 6 miles, it didn't matter if you were going up hill or down hill it was like climbing stairs."

Quoted from a newswire article about a trip up to Eagle Creek.Read More

This Weekend, March 29th-31st, Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA) is holding a Survey Campout.

People can learn how to survey for red tree voles, rare lichens, salamanders and more. Identify the species that can stop or delay timber sales. Last time CFA had a survey training in Mt. Hood they found the second most rare lichen in the U.S. There are carpools all 3 mornings. For more info

There is also a Wilderness Forum with Congressman Earl Blumenauer on Wednesday, April 3rd, 6:00 PM

While down in Humboldt County, more tree-sits have gone up

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