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Oregonian's bias obvious in (non-)coverage of global demonstrations; anti-Oregonian protest announced

The Oregonian revealed its pro-corporate bias again this week by ignoring an incredible gathering of 2,000,000 in Italy, where demonstrators marched for labor rights and against the Italian government. According to a newswire post, the Oregonian specifically ignores anti-corporate and pro-labor actions in Western countries, instead covering only dissent in countries such as Russia and China, with which the U.S. is competing. "They also failed to mention the protest in Vancouver, BC involving 25,000 against the loss of social services last year. At that same time they reported on a 300 person protest in a small village in China against corruption."

Another post to the newswire suggests that folks should contact the Oregonian and complain. Comments added to this suggestion by other readers, however, have opened a discussion about whether complaining is worth it since the Oregonian might very well be unsalvageable, and our time would be better spent building Indymedia instead.

Keeping an eye on the purposeful omissions and fallacious additions of corporate agents such as the Oregonian is one way of seeking truth in our propagandistic atmosphere. Everyone is encouraged to publish other examples to the newswire themselves.

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Protest at Oregonian on "Big Bad Business Day"
Citizen Works and local Green Party activists have announced an anti-Oregonian rally on April 6. Organizers plan to demand that Oregonian begin covering more important issues that it currently ignores.
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"Biggest Labor March in History--the Oregonian doesn't care--call 'em"