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Jane Goodall in Portland: 'Taking steps toward global peace'

A first person account of Jane Goodall's recent speech in Portland has been posted to the open publishing newswire:

Got a free ticket to see Jane Goodall at the Schnitz on Wednesday [20 March 2002], and I was not disappointed... It seems she is one in a series that started with the Barak visit that has as a "pro-globalization" focus... She took this focus in a different direction though, using as her theme, the title of one of her more recent books, "Reasons for Hope".

This is the first I have heard about the "Bush Meat crisis", which is apparently decimating the chimp population, as well as all the wild animals residing in the forests. Apparently there are complex effects of the influx of roads being built for logging/mining; Chimps are affected by diseases that humans bring, that they are susceptible to catching, as well as the snares set up to catch other animals that they also get caught by. Also, natives ride on on the logging trucks, shooting EVERYTHING, to satisfy the "taste" for wild and exotic animals within Africa and in other countries as well. The loggers' camps, even those doing "sustainable" logging, are in need of food. So 2000-3000 people in these camps pay locals to shoot animals in the area to feed them. This means that, "even if logging is sustainable, no life exists in the forest after logging companies leave."

Jane Goodall (image from www.janegoodall.org)
Jane Goodall (image from www.janegoodall.org)
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