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Activist responds to Congressional query with courage, humor

On February 12 of this year, Craig Rosebraugh, former spokesperson for the underground Earth Liberation Front (ELF), appeared by subpoena before the U.S. Congressional Subcommittee Hearing on Ecoterrorism. He refused to answer all but two of the questions, relying on his Fifth Amendment rights. On March 1, Rosebraugh received an additional 54 questions and was instructed by Representative Scott McInnis (Republican from Colorado) to respond by March 15. On March 15, Rosebraugh turned in his answers to Congress. Though he refused to address many of them--again, by invoking his Constitutional rights--he expressed his personal views on many topics with courageous forthrightness and a keen sense of humor.

"I decided to answer questions asking for my opinion because I am not ashamed of my personal political beliefs," Rosebraugh commented. "As I have repeatedly stated, the United States government is the most extreme terrorist organization in planetary history. I would not be honest with myself or the public if I did not acknowledge the desperate need for massive political and social change within this country."

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"Bush Subpoenaed For People's Hearing On Eco-Terrorism"
In a related story, a newswire post has announced that George W. Bush, "principal spokesperson" for the Corporate Domination Front (CDF), has been subpoenaed by the People of the United States. According to the post, the People are concerned about Bush's involvement with eco-terrorism, his ties to independent cells of the CDF, and his complicity in 9.11, and have a set of questions of their own.

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