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Safeway next on NW RAGE's No-GMO campaign

NW Rage and the GE Free Markets Coalition are launching a national campaign demanding that Safeway remove genetically engineered ingredients from its more than 6,000 Safeway branded products. Last November, amidst a growing national and international concern regarding genetically engineered foods and their long term health and environmental effects, NW Rage and the GE Free Markets Coalition convinced Trader Joe's to stop using GE ingredients in their store brand products. Now it is Safeway's turn.

Claims of higher yields and lower pesticide use for GE crops have turned out to be misleading, and a significant number of farmers are resisting switching to GE crops, or are returning to non-GE seeds. The international market for GE crops is tight as many countries resist or outright refuse to import GE products. GE opponents say it is important for U.S. citizens to send a clear message, by attending protests, and/or writing and informing Safeway that they do not want to eat genetically engineered foods.

[ VIDEO of Safeway action | NW RAGE | NW Bioengineering Action Coalition ]