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Blackthorn.........a radical d.i.y. newsprint project

Blackthorn is in need of well written articles, reliable news, original art, printing and art supplies, donations and ideas. The first issue will be out may first to coincide with Mayday and the deadline for submissions is April first. Please send in contributions and support this project.
Blackthorn is a publication focused on the creative spirit inherent in radical d.i.y. culture. Our mission is to create and distribute a paper that reflects the lives we actually live, thus providing a vehicle for independent thought, which is reflective of who we are as people. It will be about the opening of doors, the exchanging of ideas, taking charge of our lives and the piss and vinegar spirit which courses through our veins. We choose to focus less on the musical aspects of d.i.y. and more on the lifestyles, ehtics, skills and ideas that enable us to live with increasing independence and self reliance from the dominant culture. We want to see the whole of who we are: serious and funny, deep and shallow, ugly and beautiful.

We are looking for a variety of content within the wide spectrum of d.i.y. and are trying to provide a link to international ideas, perspectives and happenings. We encourage all types of writings and contributions, but can't gaurantee it will be printed. We can only gaurantee it will be reviewed and a collective decision made on each submission.

To get this project going and to make it free, we need to gather contributions and raise money for printing and distribution. If you're interested in contributing an article, artwork, materials (office and art supplies), news, updates, upcoming events, xerox machines, ideas, etc., or would be interested in setting up a benefit.......get in touch.

address: address: P.O. Box 11046 Portland, OR 97211

THIRD ISSUE BY MID-APRIL 23.Mar.2003 00:06

BTC blackthorncollective@yahoo.com

Issue three should be out by mid-april, but please feel free to send in any contributions (art, news, how-to's, photos or anything you think the paper may be interested in). We are continually accepting contributions/donations as the only deadline we ever really have is when we have enough submissions to fill a paper. Not nearly enough people are submitting content...please do. Especially in need of well-researched articles that would be hard-pressed to be published in mainstream or even liberal outlets. Thanks.