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Olympic Size Corruption from Portland to Salt Lake City

In Portland, Oregon, fraud, extortion, and terrorist threats echo the state of the union as Enron, Skate Gate, and Secret Service Agents gone mad produce a dark picture of people in power.
Lapses in ethics and professionalism mares the 2002 Winter Olympics. With Enron on the national front, Portland City Government is the local side of the equation, America is in a tailspin of moral decay. The proportions are so significant that it effects every age and socio-economic strata. This is evidenced by attitudes and actions in schools, on our streets, in public life and at the very top levels of government. People appear to condone the decay. Individuals at a grass roots level should be the primary force to combat the ethical vacuum, but because of politics and a high level of complicity, most are helpless to address the problem and bring about a change.

Last Spring, a faculty member of Portland State University who represented the Mayor on the Portland Cable Access [PCA] Board became embroiled in allegations of a PCA employee "double dipping" scheme. The PCA employee, in collusion with other PCA/PSU staff and a PCA board member, are still defrauding Portland State University students of an education. The instructor's falsified certification documents leave non-qualified staff to teach the classes and issue a grade. This same PSU faculty member, while on the PCA board, was the teacher of record for then Board President Celeste Carey. Carey lost her bid for re-election to Kohel Haver after Haver raised the question of money for grades which involved the PSU faculty and the PCA ex-executive director who has since left the organization under allegations of mismanagement and fraud.

Last fall The Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commission [MHCRC] unabashedly committed fraud by extortion when they suggested to PCA Board President Kohel Haver, that the Portland Cable Access' franchise fee payment, [in excess of $300K] which is needed for the organization to operate, would be in question unless the PCA board removed a board member during the November meeting. The big question is why would the MHCRC pressure or manipulate the PCA Board Chair and Vice-Chair to do such a thing? At the time, the board member in question was exposing fraud and corruption within PCA, The Mount Hood Regulatory Commission, The Portland Office of Cable Franchise Management, as well as a breach of fiduciary duty on the part of the Cable Office, the Regulatory Commission, the Mayor and City Commissioners.

On December 4, 2001, in a public meeting at Portland Cable Access, Portland City Commissioner Sten's representative on the PCA board, Vice President Celeste Carey, suggested sending the fraud finding board member "Anthrax" while at the same meeting the PCA board President Kohel Haver suggested Ted Kaczynski could also send this board member a package.

To say that such statements are unprofessional is an understatement. These individuals, one of whom is representing a City of Portland Commissioner, have no business being in any position of authority whatsoever. Such terrorist threats in this day and age would have the average citizen "telling it to the judge," however, when the Mayor is the chief of Police, there is a "blind eye" on the part of law enforcement because of City Hall's complicit involvement with PCA, The Cable Office, and the MHCRC. The same forces that allow this type of behavior to exist, also subjugate the justice system in Multnomah county.

If all this wasn't bad enough, the board member in question heard this news the day before the Anthrax scare at the Pac West building where the board member's family and friends worked. With Carey and Haver's psych medicine background, Carey's army medical background, Carey's involvement with the controversial WEED AND SEED program,  http://www.mv.com/ipusers/barbarian/book/ch06.htm#weed Carey and Haver's trips to Washington, and CIA references running deep, in this circumstance, fear is not an unreasonable reaction. Surly to be followed by deep-seated anger. It has been confirmed that the Anthrax that killed several civilians since October 5, 2001 was from US Military sources connected to CIA research.  http://www.copvcia.com/free/ww3/02_14_02_microbio.html Carey is a government agent in the secret empire  http://www.msnbc.com/news/546844.asp
Weed & Seed program which is just one of many government cover operations put in place as part of the program to wage the "either your with us or your against us" domestic war on innocent civilians. Check out Carey and Haver's background if you can find anything substantial. What happened with Carey in St. Louis? Where does Haver's income come from? A joint IRS/SEC investigation might look into the allegations of insider trading. Insider trading is currently the way the CIA and other government "spook" agencies funnel money to their operatives. With the CIA getting back into the dirty end of the spy game under the guise of fighting terrorism, you will find more and more assassinations especially on the domestic front with those who oppose the current administration's policy. Word on the street is it's happening already.

With DNA sequencing work, drugs have been developed that fight pathogens based on the pathogen's genetic profile. These drugs work in cooperation with a person's genetic makeup. A drug can be developed for one specific person. Drugs have also been developed to effectively treat a much broader class of people sharing a genetic marker. What the government has done is develop pathogens that will affect a broad class of people sharing a genetic marker. A broad class of people sharing a genetic marker could be a group such as a race, or people with brown eyes. But with a DNA sample, the boutique microbiologist can develop a virtually undetectable assassin's bullet designed specifically for one person. That way the target can be taken out and it looks like a natural death. With firewalls of "plausible deniability" the agents can take out their targets under the guise of threats to national security with no fear of prosecution.

Go here to see how detection technology is being developed for domestic use  http://getremote.net/burst/

So, when characters like Haver and Carey, with their known background and quality of ethics say they would like to kill you, you take it seriously.

The threatened board member took Haver and Carey's terrorist comments seriously enough to surrender to bomb detection devices and several Partisol Plus  http://www.rpco.com/products/ambprod/amb2025
machines to guard against any possible chemical or biological attack.

Now to Utah. Even though the corruption surrounding the latest skating scandal doesn't have the "blue collar" approach of Tanya Harding, it does showcase the lack of professionalism and broken ethical compass that now grips even the Olympics.

Unfortunately, the latest Olympic scandal shows how going to the authorities can be a double-edged sword. Three Secret service agents, interrupted by a hotel manager while they were sexually assaulting underage girls the agents plied with liquor, responded to the motel manager's request to turn down the noise with a shove. One agent put it to the manager this way; "I'm a federal agent, and if you ever do anything like that again [i.e. ask if they can take their sexual assault somewhere else] I'll shove you to the ground, put a gun to your head and you'll be sorry," Ooooops... .

It will take Joe Citizen to put a stop to this madness as these nuts try to take America down like a terrorist filled airliner. Hopefully, truth and integrity will win out in the end. In the mean time, these people need to be charged criminally as well as removed from positions of power. Otherwise we wake up to find our constitutional rights, like Enron stock, is no longer worth the paper it's printed on.


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Oh, I almost forgot.... 17.Feb.2002 19:21

Rod rodpitman@hotmail.com

Secret Service Agents sexually assaulting little girls they plied with liquor beyond reality?

Go here:  http://www.msnbc.com/news/708188.asp

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